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Reviewers are chosen by the editorial board going by their expertise with relevance to a manuscript submitted.

Reviewers, please follow the guidelines given below:

  • You may have received the article by email along with a ‘Peer-review comments submission Form’
  • If you can review this article please reply to the email with 'Accept' as subject title and you may kindly send your review-reply using the form given within the deadline.
  • If you decline to review the article, please reply to the email with 'Decline' as subject title.
  • To use the form, just use “Reply” option for the email and fill the relevant details in the form.
  • The review comments should be based on the standpoint of Journal quality that JSRM may miss a few high quality manuscripts in this way, rather than incorporating average manuscripts. If there is reviewer disparity regarding the Quality Assignment, JSRM may contact you directly to discuss your interpretation. Regardless of the Quality Assignment, please provide comments for the authors as you ordinarily would, to provide them with the benefit of your expertise.
  • You are requested to disclose in the form, any conflicts of interest that could bias your opinions of the manuscript, and to recuse yourself from reviewing specific manuscripts if the potential for bias exists.
  • You are requested not to use knowledge of the work presented in the manuscript before its publication to further your own interests.
  • You are requested to keep the manuscript and the information they contain strictly confidential. You must not publicly discuss authors’ work and must not appropriate authors’ ideas before the manuscript is published.
  • Kindly do not retain the manuscript for personal use and please destroy copies of the manuscript once the review is submitted.

The above peer review guidelines have been adapted from the ICMJE Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals. The ICMJE has not endorsed nor approved the contents of these guidelines.