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News Letter - 38                       vol.2; iss.21                              30 Nov 2011



1. Two Gatekeepers of Cell Death discovered

MedUni Vienna's Institute of Medical Genetics’ Researchers have discovered two important genes which act as gatekeepers of programmed cell death of stem cells. Click to read more...

2. T lymphocytes govern mesenchymal stem cell based tissue regeneration

Researchers have identified as to how Mesenchymal stem cell mediated bone regeneration is controlled by factors secreted by Immune cells mainly the T Lymphocytes Click to read more...

3. Novel DNA sequencing technology equips scientists to identify muscle stem cell gene defects

Using a next generation DNA sequencing technology, scientists have identified that MEGF10 gene plays an important role in muscle stem cells and defects in the gene lead to defective muscle fibre repair mechanism in patients with progressive muscle disease.Click to read more...

4. Scientists find potential marker that can predict Leukemia Relapse

Researchers from the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Center and the University of Montreal have found out that analysis of a particular marker can predict leukemia relapse after stem cell transplantation in children with leukemia.Click to read more...

5. Stem Cells and Optogenetics – A unique combination for treating Neurodegenerative Disorders

In a novel approach, researchers have used optogenetics to stimulate the neuronal activity of stem cells transplanted into the brain of mice. This approach could pave way for therapies to repair damaged or diseased brains.Click to read more...

6. Stem cells used to grow junctions between human muscle and spinal cord cells for the first time

Scientists from University of Central Florida have been able to grow neuromuscular junctions between human muscle cells and human spinal cord cells. This, the scientists feel will advance the efforts towards the development of human-on-a-chip models.Click to read more...

7. Stem cells do age- reveals study

Stanford University researchers have identified that the blood stem cells in the elderly give rise mostly to cells of myeloid lineage and also express comparatively higher levels of several age-related genes than stem cells from younger individuals. Click to read more...

8. Differences in levels of reprogramming factors affect quality of iPS cells produced

A study has shown that the levels of factors used during the reprogramming of adult cells into induced pluriopotent stem (iPS) cells will affect the quality of cells produced.Click to read more...

9. Satellite cell movements in muscle tissue to repair damage studied

Using time -lapse microscopy, researchers from the Cornelison's lab have been able to follow the movement of satellite cells which are muscle stem cells, over narrow "stripes" of different proteins and this knowledge can help in designing therapies for muscular dystrophy.Click to read more...

10. New Immune system based approach to combat Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Using an immune system stimulant as an immune system suppressor to treat Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD), a common debilitating side effect of donor stem cell transplantation in cancer patients has shown positive results.Click to read more..

11. Chemokines role in heart repair studied

Role of two chemokines in repairing damage of heart due to myocardial infarction has thrown light on using these chemokines as targets to direct stem cells into ischemic areas.Click to read more..



1. Stem cells in the digestive tract divide so rapidly that you get a new lining for the digestive tract every three to four days

  2. The liver is one of the hardest working organs with more than 500 different functions identified so far.




1. Third International Conference on Regenerative Surgery December 14-16, 2011, Rome, Italy. For details click here

2.International Conference On OMICS MEETS DISEASE December 15-18, 2011 - Salt Lake, Kolkata, India.  For details Click here

3. 2nd International Conference on Biology, Environment and Chemistry ICBEC 2011 December 28-30, 2011, Dubai, UAE. For details Click here

4. Cell Culture World Congress 2012 28 February - 1 March 2012, Eurostars Grand Central - Munich, Germany. For details Click here



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