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News Letter - 46                       vol.3; iss.6                              30 Apr 2012



1. Bioengineered regenerative solutions to hair baldness

A team of researchers at the Tokyo University of Science have demonstrated that by implanting lab grown hair follicles, it is possible to grow hair in bald mice.Click to read more...

2. Secrets behind chromosomal number abnormalities in embryos uncovered

Researchers from University of California have identified the enzymes behind chromosomal crossovers which is the main process by which matching chromosomes of the sperm and egg pair up and become connected to form an embryo with the correct number of chromosomes. Click to read more...

3. Vital Gene responsible for size and intelligence of brain discovered

A team of neurologists from the UCLA Laboratory of Neuron Imaging have discovered that a variant in a gene called HMGA2 can affect the brain size as well as a person's intelligence. Click to read more...

4. Killing Cancer stem cells alone might not be the true solution to treat breast cancer – Studyreveals

A new study has shown that killing of cancer stem cells alone will not be sufficient to stop the growth of breast cancer cells, as luminal cells in the tumour with no detectable stem cell qualities have been found to actually generate larger tumors than the cancer stem cells in the tumour. Click to read more...

5. iPS derived Neural stem cells serve as efficient gene delivery vehicles for cancer therapy

Scientists from Singapore have made a break through by converting induced pluripotent stem cells to neuronal stem cells and using them as gene carriers for targeted delivery of suicide gene to tumours. Click to read more...

6. Cells of the heart that form scar tissue converted into beating heart cells using novel reprogramming technique

Gladstone Institutes’ researchers have used cells from the heart that form scar tissue and converted them into beating heart cells to treat damaged mouse hearts .Click to read more..

7. Two year safety trial on direct injection of Bone Marrow stem cells into the brain.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Stanford University are conducting a two year safety trial on direct injection of bone marrow stem cells into the brain of stroke victims and preliminary results have established the safety of the procedure.Click to read more...

8. Novel Technique to move Epigenetic research forward

In an article published in the Journal Science, Scientists have presented the results of their research on the role of a DNA chemical modification in mammals called 5-hydroxymethyl-cytosine (5hmC) and this study is expected to revolutionize the branch of Epigenetics which studies modifications to the DNA which affect gene activity. Click to read more...

9. Micro RNAs to convert fibroblasts into heart muscle cells

In a novel study Duke University researchers have used molecules called microRNAs to convert fibroblasts which form the scar tissue in hearts into heart muscle cells directly, thus opening up a new frontier in Direct reprogramming. Click to read more...

10. Biomimetics and stem cells to treat vocal cord disorders

Inspired by the naturally occurring highly resilient protein called resilin found in the leg and wing joints, and sound producing organs of insects, scientists have made great progress in engineering artificial vocal folds by combining multipotent stem cells, such biomimetic hydrogel matrices and external high frequency vibratory stimulations. Click to read more..

11. Mesenchymal stem cells infusion to control autoimmune disorders

A team led by Dr. Songato Shi from the University of Southern California has explored the application of Mesenchymal Stem cells to control autoimmune disorders and an article related to the same has been published in the Journal Cell Stem cell recently. Click to read more..

12. Trigger that converts stem cells into fat cells discovered

Researchers have identified the trigger that converts a stem cell into a fat cell or a bone cell and this study has implications in developing therapies for osteoporosis and obesity. Click to read more..


1. Did you know that the microbiota in our body, mostly found in the gut, constitute what can be called our second genome because our body has about 100 times more microbial genes than the human genes and nearly 10 times more bacterial cells than our own human cells?

2. Have you heard about a novel therapy called Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) in which, the colonic bacterial flora in patients suffering from diseases like Clostridium difficile infection is restored by introducing healthy flora through the infusion of stool, obtained from a healthy individual?




1. World Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Congress, 21-23 May 2012, Victoria Park Plaza, London, UK. For details Click here.

2. Gene Regulatory Networks conference, 24 May 2012, Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore. For details Click here.

3. 4th International Congress on Stem Cells and Tissue Formation- Quantitative Stem Cell Biology - From Models to Applications, 18th -20th July, 2012, Dresden (Germany). For details Click here.

4. SPINE 2012 , 13 - 16th September, 2012, Le Royal Meridian, Chennai For details Click here.

5. NCRM NICHE 2012, 13 Oct, 2012, Savera Hotels, Chennai For details Click here.

6. Nov 29-30, 2012; 7th Annual ConGress of the German Ssociety for Stem Cell Research, Leipzig, Germany. For details Click here.


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“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

- Isaac Newton


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