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News Letter - 52                       vol.3; iss.14                              29 Aug 2012



1. Clinical trial using Neural Stem Cells for Spinal cord injury offers positive results

In the first of its kind trial, neural stem cells injected into patients with spinal cord injury has brought back sensation in two of the trial participants. Click to read more...

2. Blood cells reprogrammed to pluripotent stem cells using a virus- free novel method

Using a viral free method of reprogramming and a cocktail of growth factors, scientists have been able to reprogram blood cells into a pluripotent state opening up a new avenue of possibilities in stem cell research. Click to read more...

3. Earliest cell stage of lymphoid differentiation in the bone marrow identified

The earliest lymphoid progenitor stage that can give rise to the entire immune system has been identified in the human bone marrow and this study will help in understanding the development of the immune system.Click to read more...     

4. Blood progenitor cells regulated by tumour suppressors-reveals study

It has been identified that two tumour suppressor genes TSC and PTEN regulate the blood stem cells in the fruit fly and direct them to divide when needed. This is done by the TOR pathway which is abnormally activated in many cancers and this study could help in identifying ways to target this pathway to treat cancer. Click to read more...

5. Grafting of fat along with patient’s own stem cells to treat Parry Romberg Syndrome

A recent study has shown that grafting fat along with patient’s own stem cells could offer better results than the fat graft alone in patients with Parry Romberg syndrome which causes progressive hemifacial atrophy. Click to read more...

6. Distinct roles of stem cells and progenitors of the skin in daily maintenance and wound healing identified

In an article published in the journal “Nature”, researchers have reported that in the skin, the rapid cycling progenitors contribute to daily maintenance of the skin cells while the slow-cycling stem cells contribute during wound healing. Click to read more...

7. Study offers insights on Stem cell mobilization in Flat worms

Using Whole-mount in situ hybridization technique and irradiation, researchers have studied the movement of stem cells in the Planaria which is a flat worm known for its remarkable regenerative capabilities.Click to read more...

8. Breakthrough in Cell imaging offers an advanced and less expensive method to visualize stem cells

Taiwan scientists have made a breakthrough in Bioimaging using ‘metamaterials’ which can help visualizing the intracellular elements of a stem cell. This technique is relatively less expensive and does not damage the cells compared to conventional methods.Click to read more...

9. ‘Mof’ is responsible for making a stem cell being a ‘ Stem cell’

Working on mice stem cells, researchers have discovered that a protein called “mof” is responsible for maintaining the stemness of embryonic stem cells. This is important because the stemness is the hallmark of any stem cell. Click to read more...

10. Nanopattern which can make stem cells near the hip replacement, to form bone instead of soft tissue envisaged.

Researchers from Glasgow are developing a novel Hip replacement system in which they plan to coat a nanopattern that can encourage the stem cells near the hip prosthesis to form bone instead of soft tissue. This could help in extending the life of hip replacements. Click to read more..


1. Did you know that the longest known protein is the muscle protein named ‘titin’ with 244 individually folded protein domains and the gene for titin contains the largest number of exons discovered in any single gene? The human variant of this protein has 34350 amino acids.

2. Are you aware that the most common tool for cell biologist, the Petri dish used for culturing cells derives its name from its inventor Julius Richard Petri, who invented it when he was working as an assistant to Robert Koch?




1. SPINE 2012 , 13 - 16th September, 2012, Le Royal Meridian, Chennai For details Click here.

2. International Conference on Tissue Science and Engineering; 1st to 3rd October 2012, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. For details Click here

3. NCRM NICHE 2012, 13 Oct, 2012, Savera Hotels, Chennai For details Click here.

4. Nov 29-30, 2012; 7th Annual ConGress of the German Ssociety for Stem Cell Research, Leipzig, Germany. For details Click here.



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