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News Letter - 50                       vol.3; iss.10                              27 Jun 2012



1. Unique Optimal Imaging system to improve stem cell tracking inside the body

A unique optical imaging system has been developed by Liverpool scientists to improve the labeling of stem cells using SPION magnetic iron-oxide nanoparticles, for tracking them inside the body after transplantation.Click to read more...

2. Cancer stem cell killing ability of diabetes drug- Hopes for newer therapeutic options

A new research has identified that the common anti-diabetic drug Metformin has the ability to kill the cancer stem cells in pancreatic cancer and thus may prevent tumour growth and recurrence . Click to read more...

3. Your stem cells may outlive you-says study

Scientists have discovered that stem cells can stay alive in humans for 17 days and in mice for 16 days post-mortem, thus opening up a new arena for research. Click to read more...

4. Vein grown from patient’s own stem cells

In a landmark study from Sweden scientists have been able to replace a major blood vessel in a patient utilizing a vein grown in the lab made of her own stem cells. Click to read more...

5. Master regulator of fate of cardiac stem cells identified

A research published in the journal Science Signaling has reported about a single protein molecule which could be the master regulator of the process of making cardiac stem cells develop into blood vessels or muscle tissue. Click to read more...

6. Blood brain barrier-cells recreated in the lab using stem cells

The endothelial cells of the blood brain barrier have been created in the lab from Pluripotent stem cells by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers and this study has promising applications in drug screening and disease modelling. Click to read more...

7. Survival and fate of different types of pluripotent stem cells transplanted into mouse cochlea revealed by study

Japanese researchers have evaluated the transplantation of human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) into mouse cochlea and concluded that both type of stem cells demonstrate similar survival and neural regeneration properties but the risk of tumour formation was higher with iPS. Click to read more...

8. Bionanoparticles to hasten bone healing

A study has indicated that Surfaces coated with novel Bionanoparticles could reduce the time of formation of bone nodules from stem cells, to two days from the usual two weeks.Click to read more...

9. Precursor cells from the nose may hold cure for Parkinson’s Disease- says study

35-40% of Mice with Parkinson’s disease transplanted with precursor cells from the nose have begun to show improvement, says a study conducted by University of Louisville researchers. Click to read more...

10. Human Embryonic Stem cell lines created without employing Animal or other biological contaminants- Promising step towards clinical translation

Researchers from Israel have been able to develop new human embryonic stem cells lines without using the routine animal proteins, feeder layers or other biological contaminants making them more suitable than the exisisting ones for clinical transplantation. Click to read more..


1. Are you aware about a process called feto-maternal microchimerism? It means cells from the fetuses travel through the placenta into the mother and establish cell lineages within the mother which will be genetically distinct from the mother’s cells. Some studies even postulate that this process of feto-maternal microchimerism may be the cause behind the development of auto-immune diseases.

2. If we were to live in total darkness we will fall into a cycle of days that is longer than 25 hours. It is because the body temperature, secretion of hormones etc controlled by our ‘biological clock’ will run on a longer cycle unless it is reset to normal by the sun.




1. 4th International Congress on Stem Cells and Tissue Formation- Quantitative Stem Cell Biology - From Models to Applications, 18th -20th July, 2012, Dresden (Germany). For details Click here.

2. SPINE 2012 , 13 - 16th September, 2012, Le Royal Meridian, Chennai For details Click here.

3. NCRM NICHE 2012, 13 Oct, 2012, Savera Hotels, Chennai For details Click here.

4. Nov 29-30, 2012; 7th Annual ConGress of the German Ssociety for Stem Cell Research, Leipzig, Germany. For details Click here.


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