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1. Did you know that 65% of those with autism are left handed?

  2. It is a fact that the motor neurons are the longest cells in the human body. They can be up to 4.5 feet long and run from the lower spinal cord to the big toe


1. Reducing activity of Hyperactive Growth Factor- Novel Strategy to treat leukaemia

A joint research team from Germany, France, Canada and the U.S has identified that T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL), a type of blood malignancy is driven by a particular growth factor and targeting the growth factor could be an effective treatment strategy. Click to read more...

2. Stem Cells in the mouth akin to embryonic Stem cells, says study

Stem Cells from the oral mucosa though taken from adult tissues have properties similar to embryonic and fetal stem cells and they offer a easily accessible and safe alternative to these cell types, reveals a study from Tel Aviv University's. Click to read more...

3. Cancer stem cells interconvert among themselves

Scientists at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT and Whitehead Institute have identified the mechanism by which cancers maintain their unique cellular balance. They say that the cancer cells interconvert between different types and thus attacking cancer stem cells alone may not be enough to fight cancer. Click to read more...

4. Embryonic stem cells and Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are not appropriate for Clinical use, reveals study

Scientists at UCLA have found that Cells made from embryonic stem cells and iPS cells have several genetic discrepancies and hence they are inappropriate alternatives for adult stem cells in Clinical applications. Click to read more...

5. Ultrafast Femtosecond laser to study cell migration and other developmental processes

Using an ultrafast Femtosecond laser, scientists have been able to precisely mark and remove individual melanocytes cells from a species of frog tadpole and this technique will enable research in wound repair, regenerative medicine, and cancer studies. Click to read more...

6. Parkinson disease model based on patientís own stem cells

Scientists have generated a disease model for Parkinsonís disease using skin cells taken from a patient with one of the most progressive types of Parkinson's and this model will help in understanding the disease further and to design novel therapies. Click to read more...

7. Texas Governor Underwent Experimental Adult Stem Cell Procedure.

Texas governor and potential 2012 presidential candidate Rick Perry has underwent an experimental stem cell procedure using his own adult stem cells recently after which he is being reported to have become a major supporter of adult stem cell research. Click to read more...

8. Mechanisms Behind Human Heartís Limited Regenerative Ability Unravelled

Researchers have identified for the first time, the mechanism behind human adult heartís limited regenerative ability and this study may lead to methods of reprogramming a patient's own cardiac myocytes within the heart itself to create new muscle to regenerate the damaged heart. Click to read more...


9. Mutations In Cancer Stem Cells Results In Breast Cancer Recurrence

A study conducted by scientists and physicians at the Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute has discovered that certain mutations found in the cancer stem cells could be the cause of development and recurrence of some breast cancers. Click to read more...

10. Combination of Laser with Stem Cells to Reduce Heart Scarring After Heart Attack

A new treatment developed at Tel Aviv University which uses low-level lasers to simulate bone marrow stem cells has found to significantly reduce heart scarring after an ischemic event in which the heart is injured by a lack of blood supply. Click to read more...

11. Cross Talk between Two Proteins Regulates Development of Stem Cells In Heart and also Cancer

Study by Gladstone Institute Scientists has provided new understanding into the delicate balance between two proteins which regulate the growth of many types of stem cells, including cardiac stem cells and may also be important in some types of cancer. Click to read more...

12. Blood Stem Cells Play Major Role In Pathogenesis Of Leukemia

Even though chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). is a cancer of a type of mature white blood cell called a B lymphocyte, a study has revealed that hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) or blood stem cells play a major role in the pathogenesis of this deadly malignancy. Click to read more...

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1. World Stem Cell Summit;
October 3-5, 2011, Pasadena,CA. For details Click here

2. NCRM N I C H E 2011- Sixth Anniversary of Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine
Fujio Cup Quiz 2011, Plenary Session and Symposium on "Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine",
15th October 2011, Chennai, India. For details click here

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Oct 15 -19 - Pune, India.  For details Click here

4. 2nd meeting of ACTO (Asian Cell Therapy Organization)
October 17-20, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. For details Click here



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