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News Letter - 45                       vol.3; iss.5                              18 Apr 2012



1. Vaccine Prepared Using Cancer Stem Cells Shows Potent Anti-Tumour Effect

Scientist Li and colleagues have made a breakthrough in immunotherapy by using Cancer stem cells to generate a vaccine, which enables the antibodies and T cells to selectively target cancer stem cells and kill them. Click to read more...

2. Stem Cells With A Brake System Identified In The Colon -Potential Clue To Study Colon Cancers

RA new group of intestinal stem cells have been identified, which have the ability to proliferate rapidly and also have a novel cell surface protein Lrig1 that acts as a “brake" on the cell proliferation that might lead to tumour formation. Click to read more...

3. Genetic Markers To Determine Decline Of Fertility In Women Discovered

A team of researchers from the University of Stanford have found genetic markers associated with the declines or rises in reproductive hormones. This research would help to predict fertility and interpret the hormonal tests better. Click to read more...

4. Single Antibody, Effective Against Variety Of Tumors Discovered

In a research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences recently, scientists have described about an antibody which is effective against a variety of tumours. The antibody works by masking a protein that helps cancer cells escape destruction by anti-cancer Immune cells. Click to read more...

5. New method to create Mesenchymal Stem cells identified

A team led by Nicholas Fisk has reported in the Journal Stem Cells and Translational Medicine that small molecules can be used to create Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) from embryonic stem cells in a faster manner and this method also generates large number of MSCs compared to conventional methods. Click to read more...

6. HIV Finds A New Enemy In Stem Cells

A new study on mice model has shown that T cell receptors when cloned and used to engineer blood stem cells, these blood stem cells produced mature, HIV-specific T cells that could specifically attack cells containing HIV proteins. Click to read more...

7. Cells Made Cancerous By Exposure To Arsenic Make Adjacent Healthy Cells Malignant

A new study has showed that cells which are made cancerous by arsenic in turn send out signals which make the adjacent normal stem cells to turn into cancer stem cells. Click to read more...

8. Epstein Barr-Like Virus Causing Cancer In Dogs Paves Way To Large Animal Models For The Disease

Researchers have come out with the new evidence that an Epstein Barr Like virus can cause lymphomas in Dogs as in humans and thus dogs can serve as the long sought animal model for studies on Epstein Barr viruses causing tumours. Click to read more...

9. Skin Cells Converted To Neuronal Cells In A Highly Efficient Manner

A group of researchers from Stanford has used small molecules to transform the skin cells to neuronal cells in a highly efficient manner and they are now transferring this method to other types of cells. Click to read more...

10. Chillies Can Improve The Health Of Hearts

In a research study led by Zhen-Yu Chen, the researchers have identified the mechanisms by which capsaicinoids or the compounds responsible for the hot taste of chilies are beneficial in improving heart and blood vessel health. Click to read more..



1. Did you know that the human tongue has receptors to distinguish five basic types of taste contrary to the old concept that we have receptors only for four basic types of tastes (sweet, sour, salty and bitter)? The fifth taste type identified is Umami which is abundantly found in glutamates that form a part of many foods including breast milk.

2. Are you aware of the fact that Identical twins are not actually identical in all aspects because the mitochondrial DNA is not divided equally between the two cells when a single fertilized egg cell divides into two to from the twins? The environmental influences on the genes of the twins also may contribute to the differences between identical twins.




1. Till & McCulloch Meetings, Montréal, Québec, Canada, April 30-May 2, 2012. For details Click here..

2. World Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Congress, 21-23 May 2012, Victoria Park Plaza, London, UK. For details Click here.

3. 4th International Congress on Stem Cells and Tissue Formation- Quantitative Stem Cell Biology - From Models to Applications; 18th -20th July, 2012, Dresden (Germany). For details Click here..

4. SPINE 2012 , 13 - 16th September, 2012, Le Royal Meridian, Chennai For details Click here.

5. NCRM NICHE 2012, 13 Oct, 2012, Savera Hotels, Chennai For details Click here.

6. 7th Annual Congress of German Society for Stem Cell Research, 29th - 30th November, 2012, Leipzig Germany For details Click here.




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