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Bioengineering of Human neoendothelium-a possibility
Researchers at Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering have isolated endothelial progenitor cells to make millions of endothelial cells that can behave like the cells of a blood vessel…

Skin from hair Stem cells-A new promise to burn victims
Current skin grafts such as those made for burn victims are not fully functional, as they have no hair follicles or sweat glands. Scientists have found a type of stem cell hidden away in hair follicles that is capable of morphing into all three types of skin cells which may lead to more functional skin grafts for use in burn victims

Amniotic fluid cells- A better choice for reprogramming into iPS cells
Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have demonstrated that skin cells found in human amniotic fluid can be efficiently "reprogrammed" to pluripotency, and Reprogramming fetal skin cells also cuts significantly the cost of generating patient-specific induced Pluripotent stem cells when compared to reprogramming other cell types.

Bone marrow stem cells: A new hope for Asthma
Dr Eva Mezey, of the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, and colleagues injected the asthmatic mice with the cells and found they stopped symptoms. The researchers believe the bone marrow stem cells reduce inflammation in the airways, the immune system's normal response to severe cases of asthma

Autologous Stem cell transplantation after first heart attack –A stitch in time
Researchers at Drexel University College of Medicine have found out that patients getting autologous stem cell injections within 7 days of a person's first heart attack had better heart function, and fewer irregular rhythms - a common complication after heart attacks.




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