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1. Marie Curie became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize when she won the prize in 1903

  2. Did you know that our eyes can distinguish nearly 10 million distinct colour variations.

NCRM N I C H E 2010

Fifth Anniversary of Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Fujio Cup Quiz 2010, Poster session, Plenary Session and Symposium on "Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine"

Talks by top notch scientists from India and Abroad, Expert views on happenings in the Stem cell field in India and around the world, the Ever exciting Fujio Cup Quiz and much more.

Participate in this grand event and mark your niche in the Stem Cell Community!!!

9th October 2010, Savera hotel Chennai, India

For details visit www.ncrmniche.org


1. Study reveals that Blood stem cells survive even in low oxygen environments

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have identified unique metabolic mechanisms by which blood stem cells are able to survive even in low oxygen inhospitable environments where other cells do not and this study, the researchers feel could pave way for finding better ways to grow these cells outside the body in huge numbers for transplantation Click to read more...

2. Female Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Retain Inactivated X Chromosome-An interesting discovery

Researchers at UCLA have found that Induced Pluripotent stem cells reprogrammed from human female adult cells retain an Inactivated X chromosome like the normal adult female cell and this finding could have implications in future research on X chromosome-linked diseases. Click to read more...

3. Live Imaging reveals insights into mechanisms behind asymmetric stem cell division

Researchers at the University of Oregon have used live Imaging technology to study the mechanism of how a stem cell divides asymmetrically to produce two unequal daughter cells, which is a characteristic feature of stem cells. Click to read more...

4. Origins of Aggressive Breast Cancer revealed

Dr Matt Smalley and his team from The Institute of Cancer Research, London have reported that Aggressive breast cancers could probably originate from intermediary, or progenitor cells thus opening a new door in breast cancer research. Click to read more...

5. Supporting cells eat themselves to provide food to the cancer cells

New studies have proven that cells in the stroma surrounding the cancer cells eat themselves to provide nutrition for the cancer cells to grow .This could lead to new cancer therapies targeted against this mechanism. Click to read more...

6. Stem cells from mammary gland: A potential source for various medical applications

Scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have for the first time identified and isolated stem cells from mammary tissue which will be useful for regeneration of the breast tissue and other potential medical applications Click to read more...

7. Quality of life in chronic heart failure improved by Bone marrow stem cell therapy; Results of a large study

One of the largest clinical studies with 391 patients has revealed that autologous bone marrow stem cell injections can improve heart function and quality of life in chronic heart failure patients Click to read more...

8. Telocites, a newly found associate cell to Stem cells

Scientists from Rome have identified a new group of cells called telocites which act along with the stem cells helping the stem cells in repair and regeneration of the body tissues Click to read more...

9. Production of new nerve cells is essential for learning and memory

A research study from the University of Florida has identified that production of new nerve cells by the human brain is essential for learning and memory and this finding suggests that memory loss can be prevented by finding ways to increase the regeneration of these nerve cells . Click to read more...

10. Researcher discovers key protein involved in DNA damage and repair

A researcher from Mount Sinai Hospital has discovered a key protein called OTUB1 that is involved in DNA repair and this may lead to the development of improved cancer therapies Click to read more...

11. Hepatocytes derived from iPS cells- A novel technology for Liver regeneration

Researchers have now generated hepatocytes (liver cells) from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS) with all the functional and proliferative capabilities needed for liver regeneration in mice Click to read more...

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-Francis Bacon (1561-1626)


1 5th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Stem Cell Research (GSZ)
September 30 - October 2, 2010
University of Lübeck
Campus Lübeck
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2. International Conference on Frontiers in Biological Sciences
Oct 01 - 03, 2010
NIT, Rourkela
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3. World Stem Cell Summit
Oct 04 - 06, 2010
Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center,
Detroit Michigan
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4. NCRM N I C H E 2010
Fifth Anniversary of Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine
Fujio Cup Quiz 2010, Plenary Session and Symposium on "Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine",
9th October 2010, Chennai,
For details click here

5. World Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicines Congress Asia
Oct 26 - 29, 2010
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6. International Forum on Stem Cells
Nov 12 - 13, 2010
Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China
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