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News Letter - 26                       vol.2; iss.9                              11 May 2011



1. Viral Transduction of Stem Cells for use as Gene Delivery systems- A review

Dr. Arbab and his team in their article published this month, have undertaken extensive gene transduction studies which will be helpful to analyse the utility of blood stem cells as gene delivery vehicles for therapeutic purposes. Click to read more...

2. Surrounding optimisms on Adipose derived stem cells

Adipose (Fat) Derived Stem Cells (ADSC) are being researched for their potential applications in diseases such as Myocardial Infarction (MI), diabetes mellitus and neurodegenerative diseases. To have a closer look at their potentials and surrounding optimisms. Click to read more...

3. Technique to enable donor larynx transplantation

A team led by Paolo Macchiarini of the Karolinska Institute has bioengineered a larynx for organ transplantation, in which they have stripped off the cells of the donor larynx and replaced it with stem cells from the recipient so that there will not be any organ rejection. Click to read more...

4. The transcription factor game behind stem cell pluripotency

In a recent paper published in the journal Genome Research, scientists have shown that different transcription factors compete and cooperate in the cells and this plays a key role in determining whether stem cells retain their pluripotency or get differentiated. Click to read more...

5. Potential of iPSC equal to Embryonic stem cells- Validates study

Researchers from Boston have heralded an important finding in their study that the differentiation potential of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) is similar to embryonic stem cells(ESCs) and this study is important because recent studies have dampened the excitement on iPSCs saying that their potential may not be equal to ESCs. . Click to read more...

6. Cloning hair- Potentials and possibilities

Human trials using cloned hair follicles to treat baldness may be a reality in two years once researchers find ways to increase the yield of hair follicles during cloning. Click to read more...

7. Tumour suppressive effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cells(MSC)

In a novel study, researchers have evaluated the tumor suppressive effects of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from the bone marrow in an experimental liver cancer model in rats. Click to read more...

8. Key gene that decides neural stem cell fate

Researchers have identified that a gene called SOX2 is the key player in maintaining the potential of neural crest stem cells to become neurons in the peripheral nervous system. This could pave way for development of therapies for diseases caused by defects in the neural crest or neurons. Click to read more...

9. Scientists change normal tissue stem cells to cancer stem cells using a single amino acid

In a study, scientists changed only one amino acid in normal tissue stem cells after which these mutant stem cells had properties very similar to cancer stem cells of an aggressive breast cancer and this finding could lead to novel targeted therapies aimed at triple negative breast cancer. Click to read more...

10. Why does our brain produce fewer neurons with increasing age?

An extensive study has explored the reasons behind the decreased production of neurons by the brain with increasing age. Click to read more...

11. Scientists find way to patch broken hearts

Researchers from Columbia University have used a composite tissue engineering scaffold as a vehicle to deliver cells to treat myocardial infarction. Click to read more...


1. It is a fact that every hour one billion cells in the human body must be replaced

  2. Did you know that the DNA of humans is closer to a rat than a cat?




1. 2nd International Cancer Immunotherapy & Immunomonitoring Conference
May 2-5, 2011 - Budapest, Hungary. Click here

2. World Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Congress
May 10-12,2011
London, United Kingdom. Click here

3. 17th Annual ISCT meeting ;
May 18-21 2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Click here

4. BIT 1st Annual World Congress of Molecular & Cell Biology (CMCB-2011)
August 6-8, 2011, Beijing, China. Click here

5. World Stem Cell Summit;
October 3-5, 2011, Pasadena,CA. Click here

6.2nd International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer (ICSCC-2011)
Oct 15 -19 - Pune, India.  Click here

7. 2nd ISCT-asia Annual meeting
October 17-20, Miyazaki, Japan
Click here



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