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News Letter - 28                       vol.2; iss.11                              08 June 2011



1. Stem cell therapy enriched with a hormone for fractures that don’t heal

In a novel study, Mesenchymal stem cells enriched with Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) has found to heal non union fractures in animal studies. Click to read more...

2. Fat derived stem cells to repair skull defects after brain surgery

Stem cells derived from abdominal fat combined with a synthetic bone grafting material have been proved to be potentially useful for repairing skull defects after brain surgery, according to the results of a study done by researchers from Finland. Click to read more...

3. A new approach identified to eliminate blood cancer stem cells

As a fore-runner of targeted therapies to achieve complete cancer remission, researchers from London have identified that if two specific proteins are suppressed, leukemic stem cells can be abolished. Click to read more...

4. Blood stem cells multiplied 10000 folds- A breakthrough

Researchers from Stony Brook University School of Medicine have broken new grounds by using a gene based approach to multiply blood stem cells 10000 fold and this methodology has potential applications in finding alternative therapies to bone marrow transplantation.Click to read more...

5. Certain Genes overactive in aggressive breast cancers says study

In a study, scientists have caught a glimpse on the various genes that are overactive in triple negative breast cancers and this, the scientists hope will lead to clinical trials for specific targeted therapies against these cancers.Click to read more...

6. Simpler and safer method to produce iPS cells discovered- towards practical applications of iPS

Aiming towards practical application of induced pluripotent stem cells, a team lead by Professor Masaki Mori have discovered a technology for producing iPS in a simpler and safer manner using micro RNAs. It is notable that viral vectors are used in Conventional methodologies.Click to read more...

7. Studies on iPS from dyskeratosis congenita patients reveal significant information on telomerase

Disease specific iPS cells from patients with the rare disease dyskeratosis congenita caused by the rapid shortening of telomeres (protective caps on the ends of chromosomes) have given insights into the telomerase, an enzyme critical to aging and cell renewal. This study has great implications in ageing and cancer research.Click to read more...

8. A key component behind Pluripotency identified

Researchers of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) Berlin-Buch have identified a crucial molecule behind the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells.Click to read more...

9. Neurons from skin cells directly- No stops in between

Researchers from Stanford have used four factors to convert human skin cells to neuron cells directly in four to five weeks bypassing the induced pluripotency step.Click to read more...

10. Exploring the MicroRNA by profiling in Rhesus Macaque Embryonic Stem Cells

MicroRNA Profiling of Rhesus macaque embryonic stem cells has yielded information regarding the unique miRNA set in this species that may play critical roles in self-renewal and pluripotency.Click to read more...



1. Did you know that every three days a new lining is formed in the human stomach

  2. Have you ever wondered as to why it is not possible to tickle yourself? It is because the cerebellum warns the rest of the brain that you are about to tickle yourself. Since your brain knows this, it ignores the resulting sensation.




1. BIT 1st Annual World Congress of Molecular & Cell Biology (CMCB-2011)
August 6-8, 2011, Beijing, China. For details Click here

2. World Stem Cell Summit;
October 3-5, 2011, Pasadena,CA. For details Click here

3. NCRM N I C H E 2011- Sixth Anniversary of Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine
Fujio Cup Quiz 2011, Plenary Session and Symposium on "Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine",
15th October 2011, Chennai, India. For details click here

4.2nd International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer (ICSCC-2011)
Oct 15 -19 - Pune, India.  For details Click here

5. 2nd meeting of ACTO (Asian Cell Therapy Organization)
October 17-20, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. For details Click here


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