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Geometric pattern determines Stem Cell fate
A new research published in the Early Edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on March 1, 2010  by Milan Mrksich and his team at the University of Chicago reveals the importance of structural shape for the fate of stem cells .The researchers have proven that the geometric pattern alone can  determine whether the cells will develop into bone or fat.

 Autologous Stem Cells for Tracheal transplant
Doctors at London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital  have implanted a boy born with a life-threatening condition known as long segment tracheal stenosis, with a donor trachea that had been stripped of its cells and injected with his own. The boy's  immune system is not expected to reject the new organ because the cells are derived from his own tissue.

New growth factor for Stem Cell expansion-a Boon to Stem Cell researchers
Scientists at Duke University Medical Center have identified a new Stem Cell growth factor that has stimulated a ten-fold expansion of stem cells taken from the bone marrow of a mouse. This discovery could help researchers expand some stem cells that were so resistant to expansion so far.

Stem Cells for Hip replacement:
Scientists at the University of Southampton have used an new innovative method in which a patient’s own  bone marrow stem cells would be utilized to repair damaged bones in hip, which are expected to encourage increased re-growth and repair when compared to conventional hip replacement procedures.

Stem cells gives new leash of life to Multiple Sclerosis patient
RNL Bio Co., Ltd, a leading biopharmaceutical company specialized in adult stem cell has announced that a 46 year-old female patient with Multiple Sclerosis ,a disease that affects Central nervous system has improved tremendously after receiving stem cell therapy .

Stem Cells for PAD-Studies with X ray visible microbubbles
Bone marrow stem cells suspended in X-ray-visible microbubbles dramatically improve the body's ability to build new blood vessels in the upper leg -- providing a potential future treatment for those with peripheral arterial disease or PAD, say researchers at the Society of Interventional Radiology's 35th Annual Scientific Meeting in Tampa, Fla.

Stem Cells offer new hope to Type-I Diabetics
A small study was undertaken  which included 23 patients that had been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a condition where a person’s immune system can very quickly destroy the cells that produce insulin found in the pancreas. The stem cell transplants appear to work by effectively re-setting the immune system on order that the body will cease attacking the pancreas .

Stem Cells to boost up Immune system in HIV patients
Professor Ben Berkhout speaking at the Society for General Microbiology's spring meeting in Edinburgh explained a novel research methodology that involves delivering antiviral DNA to the patients' own immune cells that arms them against viral infection. "This therapy would offer an alternative for HIV-infected patients that can no longer be treated with regular antivirals”.

Stem cells can remember-Insights into Cancer development
A new study from the Yale School of Medicine discovered that stem and progenitor cells  in the blood can “remember” for many months whether they had DNA damage, and engage in a kind of competition with each other for survival. Without the ability to report damage, precancerous cells gain an advantage over normal, healthy cells and begin outcompeting them leading to first steps in cancer development.

Stem Cells offer promise to treat hair loss
The researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have successfully reported that they have been able to coax stem cells into the production of live hair follicles. The recently announced hair loss treatment ability utilizing stem cells might also be useful for other conditions such as alopecia, where hair has been lost in patches, or for returning lost hair to cancer sufferers in order to help boost their self confidence in their fight against their disease.

A multi-step approach to Cancer
At Georgia Tech, researchers are pursuing many different directions toward improving existing cancer treatment methods and developing new therapeutic techniques.

NASA to send Cells to space
NASA scientists are sending three fundamental life science experiments onboard space shuttle Discovery in hopes of better understanding exactly how spaceflight affects cell growth and how cells fight off infections. Future astronauts on long-term space missions need to understand how wounds heal and cells become infected in space to prevent illnesses during space travel.




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