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A Special Issue on 5th Annual Meeting of GSZ.
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                                     Vol. VIIIIssue: 3                          


Beyond iPS!
2012 Vol. 8 (3): p161. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0803008[[HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 008030300131 | PMCID: PMC3908293 

Original Articles

Non-Viral Generation of Neural Precursor-like Cells from Adult Human Fibroblasts (Article contributing to the cover image)

Maucksch C, Firmin E, Butler-Munro C, Montgomery JM, Dottori M, Connor B
2012  Vol. 8 (3): p 162 - 170. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0803009[ [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 008030300132 | PMCID: PMC3908292

Allogeneic amniotic membrane-derived mesenchymal stromal cell transplantation in a porcine model of chronic myocardial ischemia (Article contributing to the cover image)

Kimura M, Toyoda M, Gojo S, Itakura Y, Kami D, Miyoshi S, Kyo S, Ono M, Umezawa A
2012  Vol. 8 (3): p 171 - 180. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0803010[ [HTML] [Supplementary information] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 008030300133 | PMCID: PMC3908291

Autologous Intravenous Mononuclear Stem Cell Therapy in Chronic Ischemic Stroke

Bhasin A, Srivastava MV, Bhatia R, Mohanty S, Kumaran SS, Bose S
2012  Vol. 8 (3): p 181 - 189. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0803011[[HTML] [PDF ]
JSRM Code: 008030300134 | PMCID: PMC3908296

Localization and Molecular Characterization of human Breast Cancer Initiating Cells from heterogeneous population of Breast Cancer Mesenchymal Stem cells by mmunofluorescence Microscopy
Potdar P,Monteiro F
2012  Vol. 8 (3): p 190 - 197. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0803012[ [HTML] [PDF ]
JSRM Code: 00803030013
5 | PMCID: PMC3908297

Brief Communicaton

Activin A and BMP4 Signaling for Efficient Cardiac Differentiation of H7 and H9 Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Sa S, McCloskey KE
2012  Vol. 8 (3): p 198 - 20. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0803013 [HTML] [Supplementary information] [PDF ]
JSRM Code: 008030400136 | PMCID: PMC3908295

Proceedings of the Annual Symposium & Plenary Session on Regenerative Medicine(PASRM)

2012  Vol. 8 (3): p 203 - 209. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0803014[[HTML] [PDF ]
PMCID: PMC3908298

Cancer incidence and novel therapies developed in Japan
Iwasaki M(PASRM 2012-001)
JSRM Code: 008030700137

Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy for Cancer - Our experience since 2004

Terunuma H (PASRM 2012-002)

JSRM Code: 008030700138

Hurdles overcome in technology transfer for AIET and Positive outcome in Indian patients

Dedeepiya V, Ramanan G, Munirathnam D, Sumana P,Terunuma H, Senthilkumar R, Srinivasan T, Reena H, Preethy S, Abraham S (PASRM 2012-003)

JSRM Code: 008030700139


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