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A Special Issue on 6th Annual Meeting of GSZ.
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Vol. VIII Issue: 2 (Special Issue)
Proceedings of the 6th Annual Meeting of the Germany Society for Stem Cell Research 

2012 Vol.8 (2): p37-160. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0802007[HTML] [PDF ]
PMCID: PMC3908305

Session I - Pluripotency and Epigenetics
Session II - Stem Cell Signalling
Session III - Stem Cell Differentiation and Molecular Mechanisms
Session IV - Tissue Engineering
Round Table Symposium
Session V - Heart and Cardiovascular
Session VI - Liver and Intestines
Session VII - Bone and Supporting Connective Tissue
Session VIII - Neuronal and Brain
Session IX - Haematology, Immunology, and Transfusion Medicine
Session X - Pancreas / Diabetes and Endocrinology

O: Oral presentation


Development of robust, scalable and synthetic systems for the maintenance of pluripotency and subsequent differentiation
T. Gaskell, S. McRae, M. Jones (PGSSCR 2011-001)

JSRM Code: 008020700007

Rat embryonic fibroblasts improve reprogramming of human keratinocytes into induced pluripotent stem cells
A. Kleger, L. Linta, M. Stockmann, K.N. Kleinhans, A. Boeckers, A. Storch, H. Zaehres, Q. Lin, G. Barbi, T. Boeckers, S. Liebau (PGSSCR 2011-002)

JSRM Code: 008020700008

Advances in reprogramming efficiency and culture of iPS cells
M. Lu, V. Chu, C. Moore (PGSSCR 2011-003)

JSRM Code: 008020700009

Human tendons harbour a population of non tumorigenic, perivascular embryonic stem cell-like cells
H. Tempfer, C. Lehner, R. Gehwolf, A. Wagner, F. Rivera, L. Aigner, H. Resch, H.-C. Bauer (PGSSCR 2011-004)

JSRM Code: 008020700010

Targeting the minor subset of melanoma stem cells eradicates established melanoma lesions
P. Schmidt, C. Kopecky, A.A. Hombach, P. Zingrino, C. Mauch, H. Abken (PGSSCR 2011-005)

JSRM Code: 008020700011


Progenitor cell dynamics of sebaceous gland development in mammalian skin
D. Frances, M. Petersson, C. Niemann (PGSSCR 2011-006)

JSRM Code: 008020700012

Notch1 regulates chondrogenic and neuroectodermal differentiation via the novel target gene Sox9
R. Schwanbeck, S. Martini, R. Haller, K. Bernoth, J. Rohwedel, U. Just(PGSSCR 2011-007)

JSRM Code: 008020700013

Positive impact of sitagliptin on cardiac function and survival after acute myocardial infarction
L. Krieg, H.D. Theiss, G. Assmann, J. Mueller-Hoecker, W.-M. Franz (PGSSCR 2011-008)

JSRM Code: 008020700014

MMP-8 impairs adhesion of hematopoietic stem cells in the endosteal niche
C. Steinl, M. Essl, T.D. Schreiber, L. Prokop, S. Stevanovic, W.K. Aicher, G. Klein
(PGSSCR 2011-009)

JSRM Code: 008020700015

A novel cardioprotective mechanism mediated by bone marrow c-kit+mERα+ cell via paracrine IL-6
S. Svetlana, A. Skorska, A.-X. Wassim, S. von Haehling, J. Dong, C. Curato, S. Gustav, T. Unger, J. Li(PGSSCR 2011-010)

JSRM Code: 008020700016

Desmin promotes Nkx2.5 expression during early cardiomyogenesis via temporal restricted interaction with the minimal cardiac specific enhancer of the Nkx2.5 gene
S. Gawlas, C. Fuchs, P. Heher, G. Weitzer (PGSSCR 2011-011)

JSRM Code: 008020700017


In vitro modeling of ryanodine receptor 2 dysfunction using induced pluripotent stem cells
A. Fatima, G. Xu, S. Kaifeng, S. Papadopoulos, M. Lehmann, J.-J. Arnaiz Cot, A. O. Rosa, F. Nguemo, S. Dittmann, M. Matzkies, S.L. Stone, M. Linke, U. Zechner, V. Beyer, H.-C. Hennies, S. Rosenkranz, B. Klauke, M. Farr, A.S. Parwani, W. Haverkamp, L. Cleemann, M. Morad, H. Milting, J. Hescheler, T. Šarić (PGSSCR 2011-012)

JSRM Code: 008020700018

Intra-myocardial homing of adult stem cells in a goat model: Glandular vs. mesenchymal stem cells
N.W. Guldner, T. Hardel, P. Rumpf, R. Noel, H.-H. Sievers, C. Kruse (PGSSCR 2011-013)

JSRM Code: 008020700019

Cardiovascular stem cell biology and development
R. David (PGSSCR 2011-014)

JSRM Code: 008020700020

Micro-Raman spectroscopy for stem cell research
S. Koch, M. Pudlas, A. Knopf, H. Walles, K. Schenke-Layland (PGSSCR 2011-015)

JSRM Code: 008020700021

Effects of bacteria and bacterial compounds on differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in vitro
K. Peters, A. Salamon, S. Adam, J. Taubenheim, S. Thümecke, J. Otto, B. Kreikemeyer, C. Prinz, H.-G. Neumann, J. Rychly, T. Fiedler (PGSSCR 2011-016)

JSRM Code: 008020700022

Transfection behaviour of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells from patients
W. Li, W. Wang, L. Ou, P. Mark, C. Nesselmann, C.A. Lux, A. Kaminski, A. Liebold, K. Lützow, A. Lendlein, R.-K. Li4, G. Steinhoff, N. Ma (PGSSCR 2011-017)

JSRM Code: 008020700023


Using a novel bioreactor to sneak a peek at the odd behavior of Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) - Are they the right cell source for tissue engineering?
S. Olszewski, S. Wirz, C. Weber, T. Schmitz Rode, F. Vogt, M. Post, J. Bernhagen, S. Jockenhoevel
(PGSSCR 2011-018)

JSRM Code: 008020700024

Fibrin hydrogel - an alternative scaffold for respiratory tissue engineering
C.G. Cornelissen, S. Krüger, T. Schmitz-Rode, S. Jockenhoevel (PGSSCR 2011-019)

JSRM Code: 008020700025

A novel cardiac assist device (Engineered Heart Tissue) improved cardiac function and restored β-adrenergic responsiveness in dilative cardiomyopathy by in a rat model
F. Schlegel, S. Leontyev, C. Spath, M. Nichtitz, R. Schmiedel, F.W. Mohr, S. Dhein
(PGSSCR 2011-020)

JSRM Code: 008020700026

Bioengineering of a semiautologous arterial vessels with reconstructed media and intima, longtime tested in vivo
T.A. Sagban (PGSSCR 2011-021)

JSRM Code: 008020700027

About cells and scaffolds - the BioStent in the field of tissue engineering
L. Rongen, S. Weinandy, T. Deichmann, S. Olszewski, A.H. Mahnken, T. Gries, T. Schmitz-Rode, S. Jockenhövel (PGSSCR 2011-022)

JSRM Code: 008020700028

A novel electrospun nanofiber scaffold with bio-magnetic property augments hepatic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
D.K. Bishi, S. Guhathakurta, R.S. Verma, K.M. Cherian (PGSSCR 2011-023)

JSRM Code: 008020700029


Stem cells in cardiac drug discovery and safety pharmacology
U. Kraushaar, E. Guenther, T. Meyer (PGSSCR 2011-024)

JSRM Code: 008020700030

Presenting a new international standard - Application of risk management and requirements for processing practices for medical products containing viable human cells
S. Kloth (PGSSCR 2011-025)

JSRM Code: 008020700031


MicroRNA regulation pathway study in the case of cardiomyocyte differentiation of murine ESCs
L. Gan, S. Schwengberg, B. Denecke (PGSSCR 2011-026)

JSRM Code: 008020700032

Ca2+-activated K+-channels - New tools to initiate cardiac commitment towards pacemakers-like cells in human Induced pluripotent stem cells
R. Russell, M.M. Müller, M.S. Stockmann, C.W. Weidgang, A. Wobus, G.V.W. von Wichert, B.F. Fleischmann, S.L. Liebau, A.K. Kleger (PGSSCR 2011-027)

JSRM Code: 008020700033

Implementing the sinuses of Valsalva in fibrin-based tissue engineered heart Valves
A. Borgmann, M. Weber, J. Frese, T. Schmitz-Rode, S. Jockenhoevel, P. Mela
(PGSSCR 2011-028)

JSRM Code: 008020700034

Myocardial tissue engineering (past, present and future)
A. Arti, A. Bader (PGSSCR 2011-029)

JSRM Code: 008020700035


Differentiation stage limits cellular reprogramming in murine liver
A. Kleger, P. Mahaddalkar, A. Lechel, H. Schöler, S. Liebau, K.L. Rudolph (PGSSCR 2011-030)

JSRM Code: 008020700036

Liver cell transplantation - a new therapeutic option for children with urea cycle defect
W. Rüdinger, S. Kafert-Kasting (PGSSCR 2011-031)

JSRM Code: 008020700037

Correlation of HGF and SDF-1 with peripheral mobilisation of CD133+/CD45+ bone marrow stem cells (BMSCs) after hepatectomy and chemotactic effects
C. Duhme, M. Wildner, M. Schmelzle, A. Krieg, G. Fürst, K. Raba, J.C. Fischer, S. Topp, N.H. Stoecklein, W.T. Knoefel, J. Schulte am Esch (PGSSCR 2011-032)

JSRM Code: 008020700038

Heterogeneous roles of Caspase8-signalling in hepatocytes and non-parenchymal cells in a model of liver stem cell activation and sclerosing cholangitis
K. Chaudhary, C. Liedtke, C. Trautwein, K. Streetz (PGSSCR 2011-033)

JSRM Code: 008020700039

Estradiol modulates membrane linked ATPases , antioxidant enzymes, membrane fluidity, lipid peroxidation and lipofuscin in aged rat liver
P. Kumar, R.K. Kale, N.Z. Baquer (PGSSCR 2011-034)

JSRM Code: 008020700040


Stem cells in orthopaedics - retrospective analysis of 10 year translational research
M. Jäger, M. Herten, S. Landgraeber, R. Krauspe (PGSSCR 2011-035)

JSRM Code: 008020700041

Survival of mesenchymal stem cells in collagenase induced tendonitis in an ovine model
A. Crovace, L. Lacitignola, G. Rossi, E. Francioso (PGSSCR 2011-036)

JSRM Code: 008020700042

Wnt5a and Wnt3a alternate to steer embryonic stem cell differentiation into osteoblasts
H. Ding, A. Seeliger, K.C. Keller, N.I. zur Nieden (PGSSCR 2011-037)

JSRM Code: 008020700043

Expression analysis of MHC molecules and immunosuppressive factors in jaw periosteum-derived cells
D. Alexander, M. Rieger, N. Ardjomandi, S. Reinert (PGSSCR 2011-038)

JSRM Code: 008020700044

Mesenchymal stem cell - dependent formation of tenton-bone-insertions
V. Seiffart, S. Shahab-Osterloh, F. Witte, A. Hoffmann, S. Laggies, B. Neumann, G. Gross
(PGSSCR 2011-039)

JSRM Code: 008020700045

Adipose derived stem cells and Nitinol - a bridge between bone tissue engineering and complete implants
S. Strauß, S. Dudziak, R. Hagemann, K. Reimers, S. Barcikowsi, D. Kracht, P.M. Vogt
(PGSSCR 2011-040)

JSRM Code: 008020700046


How the nervous system uses substrate elasticity as a control element to modulate the hematopoietic system during mobilization
C. Lee-Thedieck, N. Rauch, R. Fiammengo, G. Klein, J.P. Spatz (PGSSCR 2011-041)

JSRM Code: 008020700047

Neuroprotective role of 17β-estradiol administration on altered age related neuronal parameters in female rats
P. Kumar, R.K. Kale, N.Z. Baquer (PGSSCR 2011-042)

JSRM Code: 008020700048

Fish stem cell biology a feed back from applied research
P. Stahlschmidt-Allner, B. Allner, D. Steinhagen, M. Proepsting, M. Latz (PGSSCR 2011-043)

JSRM Code: 008020700049


Human skin-derived mesenchymal stem cells induce the differentiation of naive helper T cells into FoxP3+ regulatory T cells without CD28-costimulation
K. Pfisterer, C. Vaculik, D. Strunk, A. Elbe-Bürger (PGSSCR 2011-044)

JSRM Code: 008020700050

Umbilical cord blood derived very small embryonic-like stem cells lack stem cell properties
R. Danova-Alt, A. Heider, D. Egger, M. Cross, R. Alt (PGSSCR 2011-045)

JSRM Code: 008020700051

Human platelet lysate gel provides a novel 3D-matrix for enhanced culture expansion of mesenchymal stromal cells
G. Walenda, H. Hemeda, R. K. Schneider, W. Wagner (PGSSCR 2011-046)

JSRM Code: 008020700052

Expansion of cord blood-derived hematopoietic stem cells with different polymers
M.V. Ferreira, N. Labude, G. Walenda, W. Wagner, D. Piroth, T. Hieronymus, M. Zenke, W. Jahnen-Dechen, S. Neuss (PGSSCR 2011-047)

JSRM Code: 008020700053

Ex-vivo large scale expansion of human RBCs from hematopoietic progenitors on a novel nanofiber scaffold mimicking bone marrow milieu
B. Ramesh, C. Kotturathu Mammen, S. Guhathakurta (PGSSCR 2011-048)

JSRM Code: 008020700054

Hematopoietic-mesenchymal stem cell interactions in a three-dimensional culture system of the bone marrow niche
I. Leisten, M.V. Ferreira, W. Wagner, R. Knüchel, S. Neuss, R.K. Schneider (PGSSCR 2011-049)

JSRM Code: 008020700055


Adenovirus-mediated expression of the NF-E2-related factor 2( Nrf2) protein within the MSCs alleviated cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury in rat
M. Habibi Roudkenar, M. Mohammadzadeh (PGSSCR 2011-050)

JSRM Code: 008020700056

In vitro generation of pancreatic islet bodies from mouse embryonic stem cells is increased using Activin A and a 3D-Differentiation model
A. Hommel, D. Borg, A. Meinhardt, I. Burtscher, H. Lickert, E. Tanaka, E. Bonifacio
(PGSSCR 2011-051)

JSRM Code: 008020700057

Human and rat tendons harbour a population of insulin producing cells expressing stem- and pancreatic ß- cell associated markers
C. Lehner, R. Gehwolf, C. Hirzinger, P. Augat, D. Stephan, A. Wagner, H. Resch, H.-C. Bauer, H. Tempfer (PGSSCR 2011-052)

JSRM Code: 008020700058

Diabetic glucose impairs embryonic stem cell osteogenic differentiation through persistent activation of Akt
K.C. Keller, D.D. Ehnes, A. Dienelt, N.I. zur Nieden (PGSSCR 2011-053)

JSRM Code: 008020700059

Mesenchymal stem cells - Key players in vascular calcification of chronic kidney disease patients?
R.K. Schneider, R. Knüchel, W. Jahnen-Dechent, J. Floege3, R. Kramann (PGSSCR 2011-054)

JSRM Code: 008020700060

P: Poster presentation

Efficient ZFN-based gene targeting in transgenic human iPS cells as a model for gene editing in patient-specific cells
S. Merkert, K. Kahn, K. Schwanke, J. Meyer, T. Cathomen, U. Martin (PGSSCR 2011-055)
JSRM Code: 008020700061

Induced pluripotent stem cells of the common marmoset monkey
A. Wiedemann, E.C. Bunk, I. Bernemann, C. Figueiredo, S. Honndorf, J.C. Schwamborn, A. Schambach, R. Blasczyk, T. Müller (PGSSCR 2011-056)

JSRM Code: 008020700062

Expansion of human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC) in controlled, stirred bioreactors
R. Olmer, U. Martin, R. Zweigerdt (PGSSCR 2011-057)

JSRM Code: 008020700063

Development of buffalo embryonic stem cell colonies on synthetic matrices in different culture medium
G. Puri, B. Das, S. Bag (PGSSCR 2011-058)

JSRM Code: 008020700064

Expression of stella positively correlates with the activation of imprinted genes of the Dlk-Dio3 imprinting cluster during reprogramming.
X. Xu, L. Smorag, K. Pantakani, J. Nolte, W. Engel (PGSSCR 2011-059)

JSRM Code: 008020700065

Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from cynomolgus monkey and the differentiation towards functional cardiomyocytes
S. Wunderlich, A. Haase, S. Merkert, J. Beier, A. Schambach, S. Glage, G. Göhring, E.C. Curnow, U. Martin (PGSSCR 2011-060)

JSRM Code: 008020700066

Differentiation of isolated porcine mesenchymal bone marrow stem cells into endothelial-like cells by application of endothelial growth factor
F. Schlegel, S. Dhein, F.W. Mohr, P.M. Dohmen (PGSSCR 2011-061)

JSRM Code: 008020700067

Optimisation of serum-free culture media for human embryonic stem cells using factor screening design analysis
F. Knöspel, R.K. Schindler, S. Riekenberg, E.C. Wönne, K. Bräutigam, J.C. Gerlach, K. Zeilinger
(PGSSCR 2011-062)

JSRM Code: 008020700068

Isolation and characterization of mouse mesenchymal stem cells
S. Raeth, T. Hauk, G. Siegel, K. Pfizenmaier1, A. Hausser (PGSSCR 2011-063)

JSRM Code: 008020700069

Time dependent multilineage differentiation of human embryonic stem cells and its implications for developmental toxicity assessments
K. Meganathan, S. Jagtap, V. Wagh, J.A. Gaspar, J. Hescheler, A. Sachinidis (PGSSCR 2011-064)

JSRM Code: 008020700070

In vitro embryotoxicity testing with human embryonic stem cells reveals markers for all-trans-retinoic acid
S. Jagtap, K. Meganathan, V. Wagh, J.A. Gaspar, J. Hescheler, A. Sachinidis (PGSSCR 2011-065)

JSRM Code: 008020700071

Electrophysiological maturation of fetal cardiomyocytes during electrical stimulation in vitro
S. Baumgartner, M. Halbach, G. Peinkofer, B. Krausgrill, J. Hescheler, J. Müller-Ehmsen
(PGSSCR 2011-066)

JSRM Code: 008020700072

Brain tumor stem cells and their diverse features
M. Loy, S. Roth, J. Leppert, I. Choschzick, A.M. Dorenberg, V. Tronnier, C. Zechel
(PGSSCR 2011-067)

JSRM Code: 008020700073

Growth regulation and cellular crosstalk in human glioma
I. Choschzick, S. Willkomm, D. Hügging, S. Behling, E. Pawlak, A. Bernt, V. Tronnier, C. Zechel
(PGSSCR 2011-068)

JSRM Code: 008020700074

Does the tumescent liposuction affect the viability of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells?
N. Gurtowska, J. Olkowska, A. Bajek, T. Kloskowski, M. Gajdus, W. Bienkowski, T. Drewa
(PGSSCR 2011-069)

JSRM Code: 008020700075

Studying changes in gene expression of breast cancer stem cell-like cells markers, at different stages
P. Apostolou, M. Toloudi, M. Chatziioannou, E. Ioannou, I. Papasotiriou (PGSSCR 2011-070)

JSRM Code: 008020700076

Elucidating the function of Zfp819 in mouse embryonic stem cells
X. Tan, J. Pyczek, K. Pantakani, J. Nolte, W. Engel (PGSSCR 2011-071)

JSRM Code: 008020700077

Migratory properties of breast stem cell/breast cancer cell hybrids
B. Berndt, S. Haverkampf, G. Reith, B. Niggemann, K.S. Zänker, T. Dittmar (PGSSCR 2011-072)

JSRM Code: 008020700078

Modulation of epigenetic marks at the promoters of direct Notch1 target genes
K. Bernoth, U. Just, R. Schwanbeck (PGSSCR 2011-073)

JSRM Code: 008020700079

The influence of acute and chronic wound fluid on ADSC function
P. Koenen, O.C. Thamm, A. Richard, E.A. Neugebauer, G. Spilker (PGSSCR 2011-074)

JSRM Code: 008020700080

CD 133+ stem cells migrate towards extracellular ATP in vitro
M. Laupheimer, C.A. Lux, N. Ma, G. Steinhoff (PGSSCR 2011-075)

JSRM Code: 008020700081

G-CSF dependent stem cell mobilization does not influence the cardioprotective effects of PTH after myocardial infarction
T. Weinberger, S. Brunner, B.C. Huber, M.-M. Zaruba, H.D. Theiss, G. Assmann, N. Herbach, R. Wanke, J. Mueller-Hoecker, W.-M. Franz (PGSSCR 2011-076)

JSRM Code: 008020700082

“Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition of small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC)” „Mesenchymal-Epitheliale Transition bei Zelllinien des kleinzelligen Bronchialkarzinom“
A. Krohn, T. Plönes, M. Burger (PGSSCR 2011-077)

JSRM Code: 008020700083

The landscape of cellular aging: long-term culture of mesenchymal stem cells is associated with specific changes in their DNA-methylation profile
A. Schellenberg, Q. Lin, H. Schüler, C.M. Koch, S. Joussen, B. Denecke, G. Walenda, N. Pallua, C.V. Suschek, M. Zenke, W. Wagner (PGSSCR 2011-078)

JSRM Code: 008020700084

Delayed embryoid body formation and inhibition of cell adhesion induced by knock-down of p85α subunit of PI3 kinase
S.M.R. Gurney, R. Schwanbeck, U. Just, P. Forster (PGSSCR 2011-079)

JSRM Code: 008020700085

Differentiation and selection of hepatocyte precursors in suspension spheroid culture of transgenic murine embryonic stem cells
Elke Gabriel, Eugen Kolossov, Stephanie Schievenbusch, Dirk Nierhoff, Tamara Rotshteyn, Heribert Bohlen, Jan G. Hengstler, Jürgen Hescheler, Irina Drobinskaya (PGSSCR 2011-080)

JSRM Code: 008020700086

Key factors for the differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells into respiratory epithelial cells
S. Schmeckebier, K. Katsirntaki, C. Mauritz, M. Sgodda, V. Puppe, J. Duerr, A. Schmiedl, Q. Lin, M. Ochs, M. Zenke, T. Cantz, M. Mall, U. Martin (PGSSCR 2011-081)

JSRM Code: 008020700087

Rapid soft lithography for large-scale embryoid body formation of induced pluripotent stem cells on agarose microwells
J. Dahlmann, G. Kensah, D. Skvorc, A. Gawol, U. Martin, I. Gruh (PGSSCR 2011-082)

JSRM Code: 008020700088

Differentiation of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells into neuron-like cells on IKVAV-modified hydrogel scaffolds
L. Baranovicova, S. Kubinova, D. Marekova, E. Sykova (PGSSCR 2011-083)

JSRM Code: 008020700089

Epithelial differentiation potential of adipose-derived stromal / stem cells
P.C. Baer (PGSSCR 2011-084)

JSRM Code: 008020700090

Chemical modification epigenetically 'renews' old human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells and improves their differentiation into hepatocytes and osteoblasts
X. Yan, C. Seeliger, P. De Sousa, L. Schyschka, U. Stöckle, S. Ehnert, A. Nüssler (PGSSCR 2011-085)

JSRM Code: 008020700091

Germline-derived pluripotent stem cells for tissue engineering of skin
J. van de Kamp, R. Kramann, W. Jahnen-Dechent, M. Zenke, H.R. Schöler, R. Knüchel, S. Neuss, R.K. Schneider (PGSSCR 2011-086)

JSRM Code: 008020700092

Study of regulatory genes in retinal pigmented epithelium cell reprogramming and differentiation of retinal anlage during eye regeneration in the newt
Y. Markitantova, P. Avdonin, E. Grigoryan (PGSSCR 2011-087)

JSRM Code: 008020700093

Мolecular and genetic mechanisms of rat skeletal muscle satellite cells transdifferentiation to cardiomyocyte-like ones
O.V. Balan, N.D. Ozernyuk (PGSSCR 2011-088)

JSRM Code: 008020700094

Reprogramming of mouse embryonic fibroblasts to cardiomyocytes
J. Vrbsky, M. Pesl, P. Dvorak, A.C. Meli (PGSSCR 2011-089)

JSRM Code: 008020700095

Pressure-controlled Intermittent Coronary Sinus Occlusion (PICSO) study on mechanical control of cardiac tissue morphogenesis
N. Khatami, V. Wagh, P. Wadowski, J. Hescheler, A. Sachinidis, W. Mohl (PGSSCR 2011-090)

JSRM Code: 008020700096

Amniotic membrane: Chondrogenic differentiation in toto
A. Lindenmair, S. Wolbank, G. Stadler, C. Hackl, A. Meinl, A. Peterbauer-Scherb, C. Gabriel, J. Eibl, M. van Griensven, H. Redl (PGSSCR 2011-091)

JSRM Code: 008020700097

Establishment of a dissociated inferior colliculus culture
A. Warnecke, U. Reich, P. Aliuos, T. Lenarz, K. Wissel (PGSSCR 2011-092)

JSRM Code: 008020700098

Cardiac regenerativel biology strategies in experimental models
A. Arti, A. Bader (PGSSCR 2011-093)

JSRM Code: 008020700099

Platelet lysate for cell therapy and regenerative medicine
K. Plöderl, A. Lindenmair, F. Hildner, A. Peterbauer-Scherb, H. Redl, S. Hennerbichler-Lugscheider, C. Gabriel (PGSSCR 2011-094)

JSRM Code: 008020700100

A new bioreactor for the development of beating cardiac patches
F. Herrmann, A. Lehner, T. Hollweck, U. Haas, F. Koenig, R. Kozlik-Feldmann, G. Eissner, E. Wintermantel, C. Schmitz, B. Akra (PGSSCR 2011-095)

JSRM Code: 008020700101

Beneficial modulation from a high-purity caviar-derived homogenate on chronological skin aging
F. Marotta (PGSSCR 2011-096)

JSRM Code: 008020700102

Is it feasible to implant transcatheter a tissue engineered pulmonary valve without tissue distortion?
F. Schlegel, A. Salameh, K. Oelmann, P. Kiefer, S. Dhein, F.W. Mohr, P.M. Dohmen
(PGSSCR 2011-097)

JSRM Code: 008020700103

Case of malignant transformation of mesenchymal stem cell engineered tissue in a rat heart in vivo
C. Spath, F. Schlegel, S. Leontyev, M. Nichtitz, R. Schmiedel, F.W. Mohr, S. Dhein
(PGSSCR 2011-098)

JSRM Code: 008020700104

Adjustable mechanical properties of bioartificial cardiac tissue based on defined extracellular matrix blends
J. Dahlmann, G. Kensah, A. Krause, L. Möller, G. Dräger, U. Martin, I. Gruh (PGSSCR 2011-099)

JSRM Code: 008020700105

Does the amniotic fluid is a good source of stem cells for tissue regeneration?
J. Olkowska, N. Gurtowska, A. Bajek, M. Walentowicz-Sadlecka, P. Sadlecki, T. Kloskowski, J. Tworkiewicz, I. Glaza, M. Grabiec, T. Drewa (PGSSCR 2011-100)

JSRM Code: 008020700106

Cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of arsenic and lead on human adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (AMSCs)
A.A. Chattha, A.R. Shakoori (PGSSCR 2011-101)

JSRM Code: 008020700107

Neuronal networks from stem cell derived neurons as in vitro alternative assay for neurotoxicity evaluation and prediction
T. Meyer, E. de Franchi, A. Novellino (PGSSCR 2011-102)

JSRM Code: 008020700108

Recent findings of the effects of mesenchymal stem cells on the treatment of patients following mi (a clinical studies review)
A. Arti, A. Bader (PGSSCR 2011-103)

JSRM Code: 008020700109

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Cell therapy for the cardiovascular repair after an induced acute myocardial infarct in a swine animal model
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Embedment of highly purified murine iPS-derived cardiomyocytes in biodegradable macroporous microspheres as microcarriers facilitates intramyocardial injection of huge absolute cell numbers without altering low fractional cell engraftment
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Recent findings of the effects of embryonic stem cells on the treatment of heart failure in animal models (a preclinical studies review)
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Effect of embryonic stem cells on the treatment of myocardium infarction in animal models (a preclinical studies review)
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Analysis of transcripts with unknown function for cardiomyogenesis and function of cardiomyocytes in zebrafish (Danio rerio) and murine embryonic stem cells
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The neuronal co-repressor CoREST: An additional marker for immature neurons within the olfactory epithelium of the developing and adult mouse
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Neighbor of Punc E11 in the Mdr2 -/- mouse model: Novel marker of stem/progenitor cells in regenerating adult liver
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Phenotipic characterization of normal human colon stem cells
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Spine fracture analysis with a finite element method and experimental data
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Comparison of HMGB1 levels between bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell donation
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Mobilization mechanisms of human primary precursor-B-ALL cells in an in vivo model system by the CXCR4-Antagonist AMD3100 and by Catecholamines
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Stem cell implantation in treatment of peripheral vascular disease
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Inducible overexpression in stably transfected hES cells
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Setting standards: European and international standardization landscape in the field of medical devices utilizing tissues
K. Wenzelewski (PGSSCR 2011-124)

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