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A Special Issue on 5th Annual Meeting of GSZ.
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Cell Based Therapies: At Crossroads to find the right Cell source
2012 Vol. 8 (1): p1. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0801001 [HTML] [PDF ] [XML ]

JSRM Code: 008010100001 | PMCID: PMC3908301  

Review Articles

Development of Soft Nanocomposite Materials and Their Applications in Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering (Article contributing to the cover image)

Haraguchi K
2012 Vol. 8 (1): p2 - 11. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0801002 [HTML] [PDF ] [XML ]

JSRM Code: 008010200002 | PMCID: PMC3908302 

Original Articles

Derivation Of ES Cells From Early Stage Preimplantation Embryos And Characterisation Of Their Cardiac Differentiation Potential In Mice

Bag S, Pfannkuche K, Krzyzak V, Wagner B, Sachinidis A, Hescheler J
2012 Vol.8 (1): p12 - 20. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0801003 [HTML] [PDF ] [XML ]

JSRM Code: 008010300003 | PMCID: PMC3908304 

Therapeutic Effect of Myogenic Cells Modified to Express Neurotrophic Factors in a Rat Model of Sciatic Nerve Injury (Article contributing to the cover image)

Dadon- Nachum M, Ben-Zur T ,Srugo I, Shamir H M, Melamed E, Yaffe D, Offen D
2012 Vol.8 (1): p21 - 27. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0801004[HTML] [PDF ] [XML ]

JSRM Code: 008010300004 | PMCID: PMC3908299 

Amelioration of Murine Schistosoma mansoni Induced Liver Fibrosis by Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Abdel Aziz MT, Atta HM, Roshdy NK, Rashed LA, Sabry D, Hassouna AA, Aboul Fotouh GI, Hasan NM , Younis RH, Chowdhury JR
2012 Vol.8 (1):  p28 - 34. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0801005[HTML] [PDF ] [XML ]

JSRM Code: 008010300005 | PMCID: PMC3908300 

Brief Communication

Morphological and electrophysiological features of mature neurons in differentiated skin-derived precursor cells
Liebmann L, Beetz C, Thorwarth M, Deufel T, Hübner CA
2012 Vol.8 (1): p35 - 36. doi:10.46582/jsrm.0801006 [HTML] [PDF ] [XML ] [Supplementary information]
JSRM Code: 008010400006 | PMCID: PMC3908303 

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