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A Special Issue on 5th Annual Meeting of GSZ.
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Vol. VI  Issue: 2
Abstracts of the 5th Annual Meeting of the Germany Society for Stem Cell Research (PGSSCR 2010)  

Invited speakers
Factors regulating stem cells
Molecular mechanisms
Pluripotency and stem cell plasticity
Proliferation and stemness
Regenerative medicine
Tumor stem cells


OR(O:Oral & P: Poster presentation)

(IS1) Cardiovascular derivatives of pluripotent stem cells in cardiac repair, drug discovery and disease

C. Mummery(PGSSCR 2010-O-001)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p36 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700006

(IS2) Prominin-1/CD133 and the cell biology of (cancer) stem cells

W.B. Huttner(PGSSCR 2010-O-002)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p37 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700007

(IS3) Transcription factor - induced pluripotency

H. Zaehres, H.R. Schöler(PGSSCR 2010-O-003)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p38 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700008

(IS4) Factors such as regulatory proteins, mRNA and miRNA are transported by stem cell specific microparticles that are released into the cerebprospinal fluid following traumatic brain injury (TBI)

U. Schäfer, G. Grünbacher, C. Trattnig, U. Fasching, A. Novak, J. Waldispüh-Geig, G. Leitinger, C. Gülly, S. Patz(PGSSCR 2010-O-004)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p39-40 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700009

(O:Oral & P: Poster presentation)

(O15)Focussing on neuronal differentiation in the olfactory epithelium of the developing mouse

C. Lehner, A. Wagner, H. Tempfer, R. Gehwolf, H. Bauer, H.-C. Bauer(PGSSCR 2010-O-005)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p41 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700010

(O20)Isolation and functional characterization of alpha-smooth muscle actin expressing cardiomyocytes from embryonic stem cells

S.P. Potta, L. Huamin, J. Winkler, M.X. Doss, S. Chen, V. Wagh, K. Pfannkuche, N.S. Telugu, P. Devulapally, H. Jürgen, A. Sachinidis(PGSSCR 2010-O-006)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p42 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700011

(O21)FTranscriptom analysis of cardiovascular progenitors

P. Nathan, R. David, W. Franz(PGSSCR 2010-O-007)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p43 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700012

(O24)Sex-Chromosomal verified differentiation from human glandular stem cells to cardiomyocyte- like Cells in co-culture with human myocardial biopsies

N.W. Guldner, P.M. Rumpf, Y. Hellenbroich, T. Hardel, H.-H. Sievers, C. Kruse (PGSSCR 2010-O-008)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p44 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700013

(O28)Bone morphogenetic protein 4 role on in vitro differentiation of primordial germ cells from mouse embryonic stem cells

A. Sobhani, H. Ghasemi Hamidabadi, P. Pasbakhsh, F. Amidi, M. Soleimani (PGSSCR 2010-O-009)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p45 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700014

(P 2)Efficient generation of hepatic-like cells from multipotent adult mouse germline stem cells using OP9 co-culturing

J. Jende, K. Streckfuss-Bömeke, G. Hasenfuss, K. Guan(PGSSCR 2010-P-010)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p46[HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700015

(P 5)Generation of Flk1+ cells from Oct4-reprogrammed spermatogonial stem cells

D. Hübscher , F. Wolf , K. Streckfuss-Boemeke , A. Becker , G. Hasenfuss , K. Guan-Schmidt (PGSSCR 2010-P-011)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p47 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700016

(P 14)Establishment of an extended in vitro assay to detect the most primitive human hematopoietic cells at a clonal level

S. Radtke, M. Punzel, P. Horn, B. Giebel(PGSSCR 2010-P-012)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p48[HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700017

(P 15)Enhancement of cardiac differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells by overexpression of multiple transcription factors

S. Mueller, K. Schwanke, R. Zweigerdt(PGSSCR 2010-P-013)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p49 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700018

(P 22)Cell-context specific target genes of Notch signaling: regulation by chromatin marks?

R. Schwanbeck, K. Bernoth, S. Martini, F. Meier-Stiegen, T. Hieronymus, D. Ruau, M. Zenke, U. Just(PGSSCR 2010-P-014)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p50 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700019

(P 23)Generation and selection of hepatocyte-like cells from transgenic murine embryonic stem cells at different differentiation stages

E. Gabriel, E. Kolossov, H. Bohlen, J. Hescheler, I. Drobinskaya(PGSSCR 2010-P-015)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p51 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700020

(P 27)Cytarabine stimulates neuronal markers in hESC derived embryoid bodies.

S. Jagtap, K. Meganathan, V. Wagh, J. A.Gaspar, J. Winkler, J. Hescheler, A. Sachinidis (PGSSCR 2010-P-016)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p52 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700021

(P 28)Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into multiple lineages- a toxicogenomic platform for developmental toxicity.

K. Meganathan, S. Jagtap, V. Wagh, J.A. Gasper, J. Winkler, J. Hescheler, A. Sachinidis (PGSSCR 2010-P-017)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p53 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700022

(P 34)Implications of chemopreventive agents in differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cell derived embryoid bodies

v (PGSSCR 2010-P-018)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p54 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700023

(P 35)The role of AMP Kinase on the beta-cell differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells.

M.P. Chandrasekar, H. Sauer, T. Linn (PGSSCR 2010-P-019)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p55 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700024

(P 37)Characterization of endothelial cells derived from adult mouse germline-derived pluripotent stem cells

S. Eligehausen1, J. Kim2 (PGSSCR 2010-P-020)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p56 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700025

(P 39)Somatic cell reprogramming by transfection with liposomal agents

P. Samorapoompichit, T. Lucas, C. Schöfer, S. Kriwanek, W. Krugluger, P. Hopmeier (PGSSCR 2010-P-021)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p57 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700026

(P 40)Chondrogenic differentiation of murine and human induced pluripotent stem cells in vitro: challenges and differences in comparison to ES cells

S. Kuboth, J. Kramer, J. Rohwedel (PGSSCR 2010-P-001)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p58 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700027

(P 49)Defective chondrogenic differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells treated with RGD-containingpeptides

D. Krug1, M. Klinger, J. Büning, J. Rohwedel, J. Kramer (PGSSCR 2010-P-022)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p59 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700028

(P 51)Induction of chondrogenic differentiation after Notch1 activation is regulated by Sox9

R. Haller, R. Schwanbeck, S. Martini, J. Kramer, U. Just, J. Rohwedel (PGSSCR 2010-P-023)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p60 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700029

(P 56)Differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells towards the epithelial lineage

P. Baer, N. Griesche, H. Geiger (PGSSCR 2010-P-024)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p61 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700030

(P 59)The effect of BMP4 on SSEA-1 expression during mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation to PGC.

F. Amidi (PGSSCR 2010-P-025)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p62 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700031

(P 63)Visualization, tracking and quantification of bone-marrow mesenchymal cells homing in rabbit heart (nanoparticles labeling and imaging by magnetic resonance and SPECT)

M. Pešl, J. Skopalik, J. Stepan, I. Ihnatova, Z. Starcuk, J. Prasek , T. Kára (PGSSCR 2010-P-026)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p63-64[HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700032


(O:Oral & P: Poster presentation)

(O 2)Migratory progenitor cells in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are driven by inflammatory mediators and sex hormones

J.Kruegel, S. Blaschke, A. Beham, H. Urlaub, C. Bode, B. Sadowski, S. Koelling, N. Miosge (PGSSCR 2010-O-027)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p65 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700033

(O 5)Release of soluble CD40L by matrix metalloprotease-2 (MMP-2)-dependent shedding of platelets and its subsequent accumulation in stem cell products of autologous donors

W. Folker, J. Rox, S. Reinboldt, A.A. Weber, G. Giers, J. Fischer (PGSSCR 2010-O-028)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p66-67[HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700034

(O 6)Role of LIF/STAT3 signaling in the regulation of major histocompatibility complex class I molecules in murine embryonic stem cells

M.K. Gupta, B. Yazdanpanah, A. Fatima, E. Daglidu, H. Kashkar, M. Krönke, J. Hescheler, T. Šaric (PGSSCR 2010-O-029)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p68 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700035

(O 12)Hormonal regulation of human hair follicle epithelial stem cell functions in situ and in vitro

S. Tiede, K. Bohm, Y. Ramot, C. Plate, R. Paus (PGSSCR 2010-O-030)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p69 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700036

(O 14)Cathepsin X is activated by cathepsin L, inactivates the chemokine SDF-1 and reduces adhesion of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells to osteoblasts

N.D. Staudt, W.K. Aicher, H. Kalbacher, S. Stevanovic, A.K. Carmona, M. Bogyo, G. Klein
(PGSSCR 2010-
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p70 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700037

(O 30)Improving cell yield and differentiation potential of PCMOs: Effect of cell source and growth conditions in culture

A. Hyder, H. Hinz, F. Fändrich, H. Ungefroren (PGSSCR 2010-O-032)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p71 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700038

(P 3)Effect of different culture condition on development of stem cell like cells from IVF derived early developing embryos in buffalo

S. Bag, B.C. Das, R. Chhetri, G. Puri, A.C. Majumdar (PGSSCR 2010-P-033)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p72 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700039

(P 4)Effect of feeder free culture system on development of stem cell like cells from IVF derived early developing embryos in caprine

N.C. Nath, B.C. Das, S. Bag, A.C. Majumdar (PGSSCR 2010-P-034)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p73 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700040

(P 13)Functional analyses of cell polarity organization in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

A. Goergens, J. Beckmann, L. Rajendran, P.A. Horn, B. Giebel (PGSSCR 2010-P-035)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p74 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700041

(P 19)Effects on differentiation of early murine embryonic and hematopoetic stem cells under stimulation with Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor

C. Huber, S.O. Peters, T. Wagner, S. Stoelting (PGSSCR 2010-P-036)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p75[HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700042

(P 29)Hypoxia enhances proliferation and attenuates differentiation capacity of human mesenchymal stromal cells - and prolongs their lifespan

U. Lindner, J. Kramer, J. Beherends, F. Fuchs, N.-O. Wendler, J. Rohwedel, P. Schlenke (PGSSCR 2010-P-037)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p76 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700043

(P 30)Reduced oxygen tension has related effects of toll-like receptor mediated immunmodulatory properties of human mesenchymal stromal cells

U. Lindner, J. Behrends, J. Rohwede3, H. Lehnert, P. Schlenke, J. Kramer (PGSSCR 2010-P-038)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p77 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700044

(P 31)Heparansulfate proteoglycan suppresses in vitro proliferation and differentiation of human mesenchymal stromal cells

U. Lindner, J. Kramer, J. Behrends, N.-O. Wendler, H. Lehnert, J. Rohwedel, P. Schlenke (PGSSCR 2010-P-039)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p78 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700045

(P 38)New microfluidics-based technologies enable the high throughput screening for optimal cultivation and differentiation conditions: First adaptation to stem cell culture

J. Schulz, K. Lemke, M. Gepp, A. Beier, V. Auernheimer, M. Quade, G. Gastrock, H. Zimmermann (PGSSCR 2010-P-040)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p79-80 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700046

(P 58)Repair of spinal cord injury by co-transplantation of embryonic stem cell-derived motor neuron and olfactory ensheathing cell.

M. Abbasi, M. Salehi, P. Pasbakhsh, A. Sobhani (PGSSCR 2010-P-041)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p81 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700047


(O:Oral & P: Poster presentation)

(O 32)Oct4/Pou5f1 controls tissue-specific repressors in early zebrafish embryo.

D. Onichtchouk, F. Geier, D.M. Messerschmidt, R. Mössner, V. Taylor, J. Timmer, W. Driever (PGSSCR 2010-O-042)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p82 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700048

(P 1)Investigation of zebrafish homologues to specifically upregulated TUFs in cardiomyocytes derived from murine ES cells

R. Niemann, X. Doss, J. Winkler, S. Chen, M. Gajewski, J. Hescheler, A. Sachinidis (PGSSCR 2010-P-043)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p83 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700049

(P 6)B cell to myeloid reprogramming by the transcription factor C/EBPß

B. Stoilova, E. Kowenz-Leutz, M. Scheller, A. Leutz (PGSSCR 2010-P-044)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p84 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700050

(P 12)Modulation of epigenetic marks at cell-context dependent Notch target genes

K. Bernoth, U. Just, R. Schwanbeck (PGSSCR 2010-P-045)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p85 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700051

(P 16)Characterisation of the endosomal machinery in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

A.-K. Ludwig, P. Horn, B. Giebel (PGSSCR 2010-P-046)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p86 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700052

(P 21)BioMark dynamic arrays for single-cell gene expression analysis

A. Hamilton, G. Harris, M. Lee, M. Pieprzyk, A. Mir, K. Livak (PGSSCR 2010-P-047)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p87 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700053

(P 36)Notch1 signaling promotes neuro-ectodermal differentiation of embryonic stem cells via the Notch target gene Sox9

S. Martini, R. Schwanbeck, H. Main, U. Lendahl, U. Just (PGSSCR 2010-P-048)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p88 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700054


(O:Oral & P: Poster presentation)

(O 4)The transcription factor TCFAP2C/AP-2gamma cooperates with CDX2 to maintain trophectoderm formation

H. Schorle (PGSSCR 2010-O-049)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p89[HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700055

(O 17)Sprouty4 is a critical negative regulator of the pluripotent state in embryonic stem cells

C. Chap, U. Ziebold (PGSSCR 2010-O-050)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p90 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700056

(P 10)Analysis of the lymphoid system in NOD/LtSz-scid IL2R?null mice engrafted with purified cord blood derived stem cells

A. Andersson, S. Brösel, C. Knosalla, L.D. Shultz, D. Egger, H.-D. Volk, I. Schmitt-Knosalla (PGSSCR 2010-P-051)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p91-92 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700057

(P 24)Efficient multi-genetic modification of human ESC and iPS cells for cardiomyocytes enrichment and tracking

K. Schwanke, S. Müller, S. Merkert, U. Martin, R. Zweigerdt (PGSSCR 2010-P-052)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p93 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700058

(P 26)Differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells (mESCs) and murine induced pluripotent stem cells (miPSCs) into Clara cells via enhanced definitive endoderm formation

K. Katsirntaki, U. Martin, C. Mauritz (PGSSCR 2010-P-053)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p94 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700059

(P 54)Spermatogonial stem cells gene expression in different media condition

M. Baazm, F. Abolhasani, M. Abbasi, M. Habibi Roudkenar, F. Amidi (PGSSCR 2010-P-054)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p95 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700060

(P 55)Spermatogonial stem cell: isolation, purification and assesment

T. Rastegar, M. Barbarestani, M. Minaee, M. Habibi Roudkenar, F. Abolhasani, F. Amidi, I. Ragardi Kashani (PGSSCR 2010-P-055)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p96 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700061

(P 61)Derivation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from a patient with an arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC)

A. Fatima, S. Dittmann, S. Kaifeng, M. Linke, U. Zechner, H.-C. Hennies, I. Stork, S. Rosenkranz, M. Farr, H. Milting, J. Hescheler, T. Šaric (PGSSCR 2010-P-056)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p97 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700062


(O:Oral & P: Poster presentation)

(O 1)A stem cell niche dominance theorem

O. Wolkenhauer, D. Shibata, M.D. Mesarovic (PGSSCR 2010-O-057)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p98 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700063

(O 25)Difference in proliferation potential and gene expression pattern of c-kit+ HSC subpopulations

P. Mark, A. Tölk, C.A. Lux, A. Skorska, E. Pittermann, D. Scharfenberg, W. Li, N. Ma, G. Steinhoff (PGSSCR 2010-O-058)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p99-100 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700064

(P 9)Shaping the microenvironment of umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cell-like cells

T. Hatlapatka, A. Lavrentieva, P. Moretti, R. Hass, N. Marquardt, R. Jacobs, C. Kasper (PGSSCR 2010-P-059)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p101-102 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700065

(P 18)Analysis of transcription factors differentially expressed in the primitive human hematopoietic compartment

S. Jansen, G. von Levetzow, A. Goergens, H. Hanenberg, P. Horn, B. Giebel (PGSSCR 2010-P-060)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p103 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700066

(P 20)Evaluation of basal membrane-derived and biomaterial matrices for endothelial cell expansion and maintenance of their primitive potential

L. Horsch, B. Denecke, J. Fischer, B. Giebel, P. Horn (PGSSCR 2010-P-061)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p104 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700067

(P 32)CD133+ cells from bone marrow have a greater stem cell potential than CD133+ cells from stem cell apheresates

P. Kuta, K.F. Wagner, S.O. Peters, T. Wagner, H. Sier, S. Stoelting (PGSSCR 2010-P-062)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p105-106 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700068

(P 33)Aging and replicative senescence of human mesenchymal stromal cells is accompanied by increased loss of RS-cell-subpopulation

U. Lindner, J. Kramer, J. Behrends, N.-O. Wendler, T. Graf, C. Schütte, H. Lehnert, J. Rohwedel, P. Schlenke(PGSSCR 2010-P-063)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p107 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700069

(P 44)Chemoresistance and apoptosis induction in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

R. Maushagen, R. Pries, B. Wollenberg (PGSSCR 2010-P-064)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p108 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700070

(P 46)Stem cell characteristics in Polyposis nasi

M. Könnecke, R. Böscke, R. Pries, B. Wollenberg(PGSSCR 2010-P-065)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p109 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700071

(P 50)Impact of individual platelet lysates on isolation and growth of human mesenchymal stromal cells

P. Horn, G. Bokermann, D. Cholewa, S. Bork, T. Walenda, C. Koch, W. Drescher, G. Hutschenreuther, M. Zenke, A.D. Ho, W. Wagner (PGSSCR 2010-P-066)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p110 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700072

(P 53)Identification and manipulation of endogenous adult stem cells

T. Braun, M. Hofamann, A. Schneider (PGSSCR 2010-P-067)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p111 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700073

(P 57)Isolation and characterisation of mesenchymal stromal cells from adult mouse kidney

J. Waldmann, U. Lindner, T. Hellwig-Bürge3, W. Jelkmann, H. Lehnert, J. Rohwedel, J. Kramer(PGSSCR 2010-P-068)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p112-113 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700074


(O:Oral & P: Poster presentation)

(O 3)Unrestricted somatic stem cells support HSC proliferation in vitro and engraftment in vivo and possess no tumorigenic potential

K. Jeltsch, T. Radke, S. Laufs, F. Giordano, H. Allgayer, F. Wenz, W.J. Zeller, G. Kögler, P. Maier (PGSSCR 2010-O-069)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p113-114 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700075

(O 7)Lineage of conversion of skeletal muscle derived precursor cells into cardiomyocytes – a promising autologous cell source for cardiac cell therapy

P. Treskes, S. Kumar, K. Neef, O. Liakopoulos, A.-C. Stabbert, C. Stamm, T. Wittwer, J. Hescheler, Y.-H. Choi1, T. Wahlers (PGSSCR 2010-O-070)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p115 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700076

(O 8)Noninvasive in vivo tracking of mesenchymal stem cells by MRI and evaluation of cell therapeutic effects

B. Ewert, F. Drey, K. Neef, J. Kleimann, O. Liakopoulos, C. Stamm, T. Wittwer, H. Bovenschulte, Y.-H. Choi, T. Wahlers (PGSSCR 2010-O-071)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p116 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700077

(O 9)Cord blood-derived stem cells administered intravenously to newborn rats can engraft in brain and skin lesions and produce neuronal or epithelial progenitor cells

J. Park, X. Yang, E. Griesmaier, K. Wegleiter, G. Schlager, M. Keller, H. Schneider (PGSSCR 2010-O-072)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p117 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700078

(O 10)Efficient ZFN-based gene inactivation in transgenic human iPS cells as a model for gene editing in patient-specific cells

S. Merkert, K. Khan, A. Haase, K. Schwanke, T. Cathomen, U. Martin (PGSSCR 2010-O-073)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p118 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700079

(O 11)Expansion and differentiation of human iPS and ES cells in stirred tank bioreactors

R. Olmer, U. Martin, R. Zweigerdt (PGSSCR 2010-O-074)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p119 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700080

(O 16)Modulation of pathological phenotype of red blood cells generated ex vivo from hematopoietic stem cells in patients with sickle cell disease

I. Dorn, C. Mazurier, W. El Nemer, J. Picot, M.C. Giarratana, F. Bernaudin, L. Douay (PGSSCR 2010-O-075)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p120-121 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700081

(O 19)The human appendix, a potential autologeous neural stem cell source

C.I. Hagl, S. Maas-Omlor, E. Wink, M. Schilling, L. Wessel, K.-H. Schäfer (PGSSCR 2010-O-076)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p122-123 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700082

(O 22)Human cytomegalovirus: A major regulator of IFN-g induced antimicrobial and immunoregulatory effects in human mesenchymal stem cells

W. Däubener, S. Brockers, K. Spekker, R. Meisel, R. Sorg, S. Stuhlsatz, S.K. Schmidt, K. Heseler (PGSSCR 2010-O-077)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p124-125 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700083

(O 26)New marine collagen source induces high level of collagen type II synthesis in chondrocytes but not in mesenchymal stem cells

S. Erdmann, H. Notbohm (PGSSCR 2010-O-078)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p126 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700084

(O 29)Human mesenchymal stem cells as novel neuropathic pain tool

D. Siniscalco, C. Giordano, U. Galderisi, L. Luongo, N. Alessio, G. Di Bernardo, V. de Novellis, F. Rossi, S. Maione (PGSSCR 2010-O-079)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p127 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700085

(P 7)C-kit positive cells of the heart consists of mast cells and cardiac progenitor cells populations

K. Rubina, V. Sysoeva, A. Gmyzina, R. Akchurin, V. Tkachuk, Y. Parfyonova, K. Dergilev(PGSSCR 2010-P-080)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p128 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700086

(P 17)Tendon progenitor cells - their appearance and distribution in degenerated and ageing tendon

R. Gehwolf, A. Wagner, H. Tempfer, M. Tauber, H.-C. Bauer (PGSSCR 2010-P-081)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p129 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700087

(P 47)Intra- myocardial homing of adult stem cells: glandular vs. mesenchymal stem cells

N.W. Guldner, T. Hardel, M.M. Rumpf, M. Brandenburger, R. Noel, C. Kruse, H.-H. Sievers (PGSSCR 2010-P-082)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p130 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700088

(P 52)Identification and characterization of the CD4+AT2R+ T cell subpo-pulation in rats and humans

A. Skorska, C. Curato, W. Altarche-Xifró, S. Slavic, T. Unger, G. Steinhoff, J. Li (PGSSCR 2010-P-083)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p131-132 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700089

(O:Oral & P: Poster presentation)

(O 13)Murine breast-cancer-cell/mesenchymal-stem-cell hybrids exhibit enhanced drug resistance to different cytostatic drugs

C. Nagler, K.S. Zänker, T. Dittmar (PGSSCR 2010-O-084)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p133 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700090

(O 18)Wnt/ß-catenin activity is essential to turn the epigenetic state to “ON” in salivary gland stem cells to create cancer stem cells

P. Wend, C. Loddenkemper, V. Brinkmann, K. Eckert, M.M. Taketo, M. Kahn, W. Birchmeier, U. Ziebold (PGSSCR 2010-O-085)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p134 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700091

(O 27)Leukemia stem cell candidates in acute myeloid leukemia predict refractoriness to conventional chemotherapy and adverse clinical outcome

D. Ran, I. Taubert, M. Schubert, V. Eckstein, F. Bellos, A.D. Ho (PGSSCR 2010-O-086)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p135-136 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700092

(O 31)Stem-like human glioma cells

A. Kerstein, I. Choschzick, V. Tronnier, C. Zechel (PGSSCR 2010-O-087)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p137 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700093

(P 8)Biomarkers associated to human esophageal stem cell-like

L.I. Brasoveanu, M. Mihaila, G. Matei, D. Predescu, M.I. Gruia, R. Anghel (PGSSCR 2010-P-088)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p138 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700094

(P 25)Cylindrospiradenomas may arise from immunoprivileged hair follicle stem cells and are vulnerable to anti-inflammatory treatment

N. Meier, K. Meyer, C. Rose, R. Paus(PGSSCR 2010-P-089)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p139 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700095

(P 41)Heterogeneity of stem-like human glioma cells

I. Choschzick, L. Frahm, J. Leppert, M. Loy, A. Kerstein, S. Willkomm, R. Varatharajan, V. Tronnier, C. Zechel(PGSSCR 2010-P-090)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p140 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700096

(P 42)Proliferative capacity of stem-like human glioma cells

S. Willkomm, A. Bernt, C. Ueck, I. Choschzick, V. Tronnier, C. Zechel(PGSSCR 2010-P-091)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p141 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700097

(P 43)Therapy responsiveness of stem-like human glioma cells

A. Kerstein, J. Leppert, L. Gödecke, L. Bähr, E. Pawlak, V. Tronnier, C. Zechel(PGSSCR 2010-P-092)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p142 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700098

(P 45)Nanoparticel labelling of stem cell populations in head and neck cancer

A. Lindemann, K. Lüdtke-Buzug, B. Hüsing, R. Pries, T.M. Buzug, B. Wollenberg(PGSSCR 2010-P-093)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p143 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700099

(P 48)Monitoring adult stem cell response on superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for cancer therapy

D. Schneider, D.H. Rapoport, K. Lüdtke-Buzug (PGSSCR 2010-P-094)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p144 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700100

(P 60)Expression profiles of cancer stem cell markers in colorectal cancer cell lines

S. Bünger, T. Vollbrandt, S. Danner, H.-P. Bruch, C. Kruse, U.J. Roblick,1, J.K. Habermann (PGSSCR 2010-P-095)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p145 [HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700101

(P 62)Acquired resistance to cytostatics triggers cancer stem-cell-like phenotype in different tumor entities

D. Díaz-Carballo, A.H. Acikelli, S. Gustmann, W. Bardenheuer, D. Strumberg (PGSSCR 2010-P-096)
2010 Vol. 6  (2): p146-147[HTML] [PDF ]

JSRM Code: 006020700102



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