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A Special Issue on 5th Annual Meeting of GSZ.
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1. Editorial

From Sky-Limited to Space-Unlimited
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p1 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010100001


2. Review Articles

Cell Therapy for Acute Liver Failure - Ideal source of cell

Khan AA, Parveen N, Aejaz Habeeb M, Paspala S, Rajendraprasad A, Mahaboob Vali S, Khaja MN, Lakshmi N, Pramila R, Habibullah CM
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 2-8 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010200002

7. Proceedings of the Annual Symposium & Plenary Session on Regenerative Medicine(PASRM)

Nanobiotechnology : What? Why? How?
Jagannadh B. (PASRM 2008-001)
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 9 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010700003


Islet neogenesis potential of human adult stem cells and its applications in cell replacement therapy for diabetes

Bhonde RR. (PASRM 2008-002)
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 10-11[HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010700004


Clinical application of mesenchymal stem cells for aseptic bone necrosis

Aoyama T (PASRM 2008-003)
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 12 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010700005 

Autologous Immune Enhancement therapy for Advanced Carcinoma of Pancreas-A Case Report
Sivaraman G, Pandian A, Baskar S, Senthil KR, Senthilnagarajan R, Srinivasan V, Dedeepiya V, Abraham S (PASRM 2008-004)
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 13 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010700006


Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in Spinal Cord Injury - Our Initial Experience

Jasper JG, Sankaranarayanan S, Baskar S, Senthil KR, Senthilnagarajan R, Murugan P, Abraham S. (PASRM 2008-005)
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 14-15 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010700007


Cell therapeutics to treat diseases of the retina

Natarajan S, Asghar SA, Baskar S, Senthil KR, Srinivasan V, Murugan P, Abraham S. (PASRM 2008-006)
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 16-17 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010700008


Buccal Epithelium in treating Ocular Surface Disorders (Article contributing to the cover image)

Srinivas KR, Sujatha M, Mohan R, Senthilnagarajan R, Baskar S, Senthil KR. Abraham S. (PASRM 2008-007)
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 18-19 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010700009

Envisaging an allogenic Corneal endothelial precursor/Stem Cell Bank (CESBANK)

Parikumar P, Nelson J, John S, Baskar S, Senthilkumar R, Murugan P, Senthilnagarajan R, Srinivasan V, Abraham S, Amano S . (PASRM 2008-008)
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 20-21 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010700010


The Gravity of Regenerative Medicine; Physics, Chemistry & Biology behind it  

Dedeepiya V, John S, Abraham S. (PASRM 2008-009)
2008 Vol. 4  (1): p 22-23 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 004010700011


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