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A Special Issue on 5th Annual Meeting of GSZ.
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                           Vol. IIIssue: 1                          

      Abstracts of the 2nd Congress of the Germany Society for Stem Cell Research (PGSSCR 2007)

ORAL Presentation                                       POSTER Presentation


(O-1) Absence of functional GABAA receptors in transit-amplifying stem cells of the early postnatal
subventricular zone

Cesetti T, Obernier K, Bengtson P, Mandl C, Holzl-Wenig G, Horsch K,Eckstein V, and Piccolini F (PGSSCR 2007-O-001)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p1 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-2) Developmental Potential of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived from Bone Marrow, Cord Blood
and Fat Tissue

Brousos N, Bieback K, Lannert H, Muller AM (PGSSCR 2007-O-002)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p2-3 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-3) Spermatogonial stem cells from adult human testis and the generation of pluripotency in vitro and in vivo

Conrad S, Renninger M, Hennenlotter J, Just L, Wiesner T, Sievert KD, Stenzl A, and Skutella T (PGSSCR 2007-O-003)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p4 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-4) Jak/Stat signalling regulates dpp transcription to control germline stem cell maintenance in the Drosophila ovary

Lopez-Onieva L, Fernandez-Minan A, and Gonzalez-Reyes A (PGSSCR 2007-O-004)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p5 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-5) Abstract not received

(O-6)Fibulin-1 is an adhesion-modulating component of the hematopoietic stem cell niche

Schreiber TD, Hergeth SP, Aicher WK, Essl M, Sasaki T, Klein G (PGSSCR 2007-O-006)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p6 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-7) Reproducible and complete early separation of stem and feeder cells does not attenuate the
differentiation potential of feeder-freed stem cells

Schafer U, Schneider A, Spitkovsky D, Neugebauer E, Hescheler J (PGSSCR 2007-O-007)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p7-8 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-8) GMP-Compliant Manufacturing of Autologous Stem and Progenitor Cells For Tissue Repair

Prante C, Gastens MH, Prohaska W, Stratmann B, Lammers D, Kirana S, Tschopev D, Kleesiek K (PGSSCR 2007-O-008)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p9-10 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-9)Megadoses of autologous Tissue Repair Cells (TRC) in the treatment of Ischemia induced chronic
issue ulcers of diabetic foot patients without option of revascularisation ? preliminary results from Bad Oeynhausen

Stratmann B (PGSSCR 2007-O-009)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p11-12 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-10) Stem cell-based therapy for the treatment of femoral head necrosis - first clinical experience

Noth U (PGSSCR 2007-O-010)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p13 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-11) Abstract not received

(O-12) Abstract not received

(O-13)From unmanipulated bone marrow to custom tailored stem cell grafts ? novel therapies from bench to bedside

Eyrich M, Wolfl M, Winkler B, Tscherner H, Vahsel B and Schlegel PG (PGSSCR 2007-O-013)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p14 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-14) New avenues of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Stuhler G and Einsele H (PGSSCR 2007-O-014)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p15 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-15) Neuronal hypoxia: protective effects of mononuclear cord blood cells after direct and indirect application

Reich DM, Hau S, Scholz M, Emmrich F, Kamprad M, Boltze J (PGSSCR 2007-O-015)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p16 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-16) Alloreactive T-cell trafficking after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Beilhack A, Schulz S, Baker J, Beilhack GF, Herman E, Baker EM, Landan G,Nishimura R, Butcher EC,
Contag CH and Negrin RS (PGSSCR 2007-O-016)

2007 Vol. 2  (1): p17 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-17) Nucleolin activates expression of CD34 and Bcl-2 in CD34-positive hematopoietic cells

Grinstein E, Santourlidis S, Fischer J, Uhrberg M, Wernet P (PGSSCR 2007-O-017)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p18-19 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-18) Abstract not received

(O-19) Differentiation potential and ectopic cartilage formation capacity of human mesenchymal stem cells
derived from bone marrow, adipose tissue and synovium

Dickhut A, Pelttari K, Bischel O, Richter W (PGSSCR 2007-O-019)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p20-21 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-20) An effective Model for the Expansion of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Lindner U, Boehrnsen F, Driller B, Kramer J, Rohwedel J, Schlenke P (PGSSCR 2007-O-020)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p22-23 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-21) Integration and tissue specific differentiation of fetal cells into maternal organs in a murine pregnancy
model suggests multilineage differentiation potential

Zeng XX, Tan S, Neo BH, Sasajala P, Low D, Udolph G (PGSSCR 2007-O-021)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p24-25 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-22) T-cells in stem cell transplants: dissecting the good, the bad and the ugly

Wolfl M, Eyrich M, Schlegel PG, and Greenberg PD (PGSSCR 2007-O-022)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p26 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-23) Abstract not received

(O-24) Abstract not received

(O-25) Human embryonic stem cells elicit an immune regulatory phenotype by upregulating CTLA-4 and
IL-10 expression in T cells

Ajjikuttira P , Wong SC , Penzkofer S , Ying JY and Kadereit S (PGSSCR 2007-O-025)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p27-28 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-26) The stem state: the nature of normal stem cells and the relevance to cancer

Zipori D (PGSSCR 2007-O-026)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p29-30 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-27) Reduction of hypertrophy by PTHrP and bFGF during in vitro chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stem
cells from bone marrow

Weiss S, Bock R, Hennig T, Richter W (PGSSCR 2007-O-027)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p31-32 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-28) Defining the end of pluripotency in murine embryonic stem cells

Choi SW, Obier N, Dinger TC, Vallabhapurapu D, Muller AM (PGSSCR 2007-O-028)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p33-34 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-29) Differential expression of HMGA proteins influence HP1 dynamics and myogenic differentiation

Brocher J, Hock R (PGSSCR 2007-O-029)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p35-36 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-30) Stem cell ageing, replicative senescence, and tumorigenesis

Jakob F (PGSSCR 2007-O-030)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p37-38 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-31) Aldosterone mediated dysfunction of human endothelial progenitor cells - Mechanisms and therapeutic

Thum T, Schmitter K, Fraccarollo D, Jakob M, Ertl G and Bauersachs J (PGSSCR 2007-O-031)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p39-40 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-32) Local expression of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling components during in vitro aging of
mesenchymal stem cells

Schilling T, Schonefeldt C, Zeck S, Meissner-Weigl J, Schneider D, Jakob F, Ebert R (PGSSCR 2007-O-032)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p41-42 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-33) NOS inhibitors synchronize calcium oscillations in fat-derives mesenchymal stem cells by increasing
gap junctional coupling

Sauer H, Hatry M, Steffen P, Wartenberg M (PGSSCR 2007-O-033)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p43 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-34) Self-renewing mesenchymal progenitors in the bone marrow and in other mesodermal tissues

Bianco P (PGSSCR 2007-O-034)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p44 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-35) Short-time zoledronic acid pretreatment stimulates osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal
stem cells

Ebert R, Krug R, Meisner-Weigl J, Zeck S, Schneider D, Jakob F (PGSSCR 2007-O-035)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p45-46 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-36)Differential expression of ostoblast related genes in mesenchymal progenitor cells induced by serum of
patients with active crohn’s disease with and without osteoporosis

Blaschke M, Giesen M, Baums M, Kopp R, Heikens J,Salinas-Riester G,Siggelkow H (PGSSCR 2007-O-036)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p47-48 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-37) Abstract not received

(O-38) Molecular Regulation of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis

Badde A, Jagasia R, Lie DC (PGSSCR 2007-O-038)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p49 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-39) Neural stem cells and synaptogenesis

Liebau S, Bockers T (PGSSCR 2007-O-039)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p50 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-40) Pro-neural conversion of human bone marrow stromal cells for regenerative therapy of Parkinson’s disease

Habisch HJ, Brenner R, Storch A (PGSSCR 2007-O-040)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p51-52 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-41) Frizzled-4 a potential neuronal marker of the enteric nervous system

Bareiss P, Metzger M, Skutella T, Just L (PGSSCR 2007-O-041)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p53 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-42) MicroRNA regulation of osteogenic differentiation

Genever P (PGSSCR 2007-O-042)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p54-55 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-43) MMP activity is an essential link between mechanical stimulus and mesenchymal stem cell behaviour

Kasper G, Glaeser JD, Geissler S, Ode A, Tuischer J, Matziolis G, Perka C, & Duda GN (PGSSCR 2007-O-043)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p56-57 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-44) Gender differences in the differentiation and chondrogenic potential of progenitor cells in human osteoarthritis

Koelling S and Miosge N (PGSSCR 2007-O-044)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p58-59 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-45) The mineralization of the extracellular matrix during the osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal
stem cells correlates with increased levels of human xylosyltransferase I

Muller B, Gotting C, Kuhn J, Kleesiek K and Prante C (PGSSCR 2007-O-045)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p60-61 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-46) Embryonic stem cell-derived neurons as a novel cellular model system to study
neurodegenerative and neuroregenerative processes in vitro

Bibel M, Lacroix E, Klein C, May-Nass R, Perez-Alcala S, Richter J, Schrenk-Siemens K (PGSSCR 2007-O-046)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p62-63 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-47) Neural differentiation of murine androgenetic embryonic stem cells

Dinger TC, Eckardt S, Hornich V, McLaughlin KJ, Muller AM (PGSSCR 2007-O-047)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p64-65 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-48) Differential effect of Dlx2 in neural precursors derived from the anterior and hippocampal SVZ

Suh Y, Ciccolini F (PGSSCR 2007-O-048)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p66-67 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-49) Embryonic stem cells in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Smikodub O (PGSSCR 2007-O-049)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p68 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-50) Nanomaterials and stem cells in skeletal tissue engineering and regeneration

Tuan RS (PGSSCR 2007-O-050)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p69 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-51) Evaluation of the potential therapeutic use of immature stem cells in a canine model for
Duchene muscular dystrophy

Ambrosio CE, Kerkis I, Martins DS, Kerkis A, Miglino MA & Zatz M (PGSSCR 2007-O-051)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p70-71 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-52) BMP-12 transduced MSCs in collagen hydrogel for ligament reconstruction

Weber M, Kunz M, Stehle J, Noth U, Steinert A (PGSSCR 2007-O-052)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p72-73 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-53) Electrospun collagen type II-nanofibers for stem cell based cartilage repair

Rackwitz L, Li WJ and Tuan RS (PGSSCR 2007-O-053)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p74-75 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-54) Embryonic stem cells in human sacrococcygeal teratomas: Isolation and characterization of an
embryonic stem cell line

Busch C, Bareiss PM, Just L, Drews U (PGSSCR 2007-O-054)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p76 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-55) Desmin enters the nucleus of embryonic stem cells in an amino-terminal dependent manner and
interferes with their proliferation

Stary M, Weber W, Puz S, M. Hofner, Hollrigl A, Fuchs C, Weitzer G (PGSSCR 2007-O-055)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p77-78 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-56) Derivation of trophoectodermal cells from rhesus monkey embryonic stem cells

Schwanke K, Wunderlich S, Beskov A, Chikobava M, Simon AR, Lapin BA, Martin U (PGSSCR 2007-O-056)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p79-80 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-57) A novel primate ES cell line from the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) exhibits germ cell
development in vitro

Mueller T, Fleischmann G, Horn PA, Sasaki E, Behr R (PGSSCR 2007-O-057)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p81-82 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-58) Chondrogenic progenitor cells and asymmetric cell division

Miosge N (PGSSCR 2007-O-058)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p83 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-59) Stem Cell Recruitment and Migration

Brenner RE (PGSSCR 2007-O-059)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p84-85 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-60) Enhanced in vitro endothelial progenitor cell number by treatment with the angiogenic inducer CYR61/CCN1

Schenk R, Hofmann A, Eck M, Schmauser B, Jatzke S, Noth U, Jakob F, Schutze N (PGSSCR 2007-O-060)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p86-87 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-61) Double-labeled Mesenchymal Stem Cells for 1H / 19F MR Imaging

Basse-Lusebrink TC, Kampf T, Weber M, Heymer A, Ebert R, Noth U, Bauer WR, Jakob P, Haddad D
(PGSSCR 2007-O-061)

2007 Vol. 2  (1): p88-89 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-62) Potential sources for adult stem cells within the pancreas

Zulewski H (PGSSCR 2007-O-062)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p90 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-63) Comparison of stemness and endocrine differentiation potential of human pancreatic islet derived
and human bone-marrow derived stromal cells

Limbert C, Ebert R, Path G, Niu X, Bretzel G, Seufert J, Jakob F (PGSSCR 2007-O-063)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p91-92 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-64) Human pancreatic islet-derived precursor cells display mesenchymal stem cell features and
differentiation capacity

Limbert C, Jakob F, Ebert R, Path G, Niu X, Bretzel G, Seufert J (PGSSCR 2007-O-064)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p93-94 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-65) Stem cells and heart tissue engineering

T. Eschenhagen (PGSSCR 2007-O-065)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p95 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-66) Global transcriptomic analysis of murine embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Doss MX, Winkler J, Chen S, Hippler-Altenburg R, Sotiriadou I, Halbach M, Pfannkuche K, Liang H, Schulz H,
Hummel O, Hubner N, Rottscheidt R Hescheler J, Sachinidis A. (PGSSCR 2007-O-066)

2007 Vol. 2  (1): p96-97 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-67) Cardioprotective Potential of Thymosin s4 in a Preclinical Pig Model of Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

Hinkel R, Aouni C El , Bock-Marquette I, Hatzopoulos A, Boekstegers P, Kupatt C (PGSSCR 2007-O-067)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p98-99 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-68) PPARα stimulation induces cardiomyogenesis in mouse embryonic stem cells

Sharifpanah F, Wartenberg M, Arnold B, Sauer H (PGSSCR 2007-O-068)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p100 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-69) In vitro expansion and redifferentiation of adult human islet cells

Efrat S (PGSSCR 2007-O-069)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p101 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-70) Bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells isolated from patients with diabetes mellitus type 1
are able to induce a pancreatic endocrine genes in vitro

Sebok D, Eberhardt M, Barbero A, Linscheid P, Timper K, Martin I, Keller U, Muller B and Zulewski H
(PGSSCR 2007-O-070)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p102-103 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-71) Embryonic stem cells in new inset type 2 diabetes mellitus

Smikodub O (PGSSCR 2007-O-071)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p104 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-72) Abstract not received

(O-73) Murine embryonic stem cell differentiation into cardiomyocytes requires L-type Ca2+ channel activity

Nguemo F, Fleischmann BK, Kamanyi A, Duan , Huamin L, Malan D, Saric T, Bloch W, Schunkert H, Hescheler J,
Reppel M (PGSSCR 2007-O-073)

2007 Vol. 2  (1): p105-106 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-74) Alloreactive T-cell trafficking after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Beilhack A, Schulz S, Baker J, Beilhack GF, Herman EI, Baker EM, Landan G, Nishimura R, Butcher EC, Contag CH,
Negrin RS (PGSSCR 2007-O-074)

2007 Vol. 2  (1): p107 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-75) PTH treatment after myocardial infarction in mice attenuates late ischemic cardiomyopathy:
impact of bone marrow derived versus cardiac stem cells

Huber B, Zaruba MM, Brunner S, Deindl E, David R, Fischer R, Assmann G, Mueller-Hoecker J,
Franz WM (PGSSCR 2007-O-075)

2007 Vol. 2  (1): p108-109 [HTML] [PDF ]


(O-76) Abstract not received

(O-77) Abstract not received

(O-78) ATF5, a possible regulator of osteogenic differentiation in adult mesenchymal stem cells

Leong DT, Abraham MC, Chew FT, Lim TC, Hutmacher DW (PGSSCR 2007-O-078)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p110-112 [HTML] [PDF ]



(P-1) In vitro comparison of collagen based MACTs produced from ovine chondrocytes and bmMSCs

Schulz Ra, Zscharnack Ma, Hanisch Ia, Geiling Ma, Hepp Pb, Bader Aa (PGSSCR 2007- P-001)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p113-114  [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-2) Growth hormone treatment improves markers of systemic nitric oxide bioavailability via the insulin-like
growth factor-1 Importance for endothelial progenitor cells

Thum T, Fleissner F, Klink I, Tsikas D, Stichtenoth DO, Ertl G, Bauersachs J (PGSSCR 2007- P-002)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):   p115-116[HTML] [PDF ]


(P-3) Chondrogenesis in co-culture: An intensive interaction between mesenchymal stem cells and primary

Csaki C, Matis U, Mobasheri A, Putz R, Ye H, Shakibaei M (PGSSCR 2007- P-003)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):   p117-118 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-4) Influence of standardized 3D-cell-culture on multilineage differentiation of human adipose tissue derived
stem cells

Bohrnsen F, Gadallah A, Lindner U, Schlenke P, Rotter N, Meier M, Rohwedel J, Kramer J (PGSSCR 2007- P-004)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):   p119 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-5) Low oxygen during expansion of MSC iIncreases the following chondrogenic differentiation in
pellet culture and collagen gel

Zscharnack M, Schnepp C, Marquass B, Bader A (PGSSCR 2007- P-005)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p120 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-6) Isolation, characterization and spontaneous differentiation of human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Fischer J , Jahnen-Dechent W , Rosewick S , Knuchel R , Neuss S (PGSSCR 2007- P-006)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p121-122 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-7) Coculture systems of CD34+ cells with hepatocytes as models for induction of hepatic differentiation

Wulf-Goldenberg A, Eckert K, Fichtner I (PGSSCR 2007- P-007)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p123 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-8) Inducible differentiation of medakafish spermatogonial stem cells to various somatic cell types

Thoma E, Wagner TU, Schartl M (PGSSCR 2007- P-008)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p124 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-9) Influence of extracellular calcium concentration on the bone matrix synthesis and mineralization in
cultures of human primary osteoprogenitor cells

Majore I, Jager V, Rohde M (PGSSCR 2007- P-009)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p125-126 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-10)A completely serum-free differentiation protocol facilitates the search for key factors which enhance the
generation of alveolar type-2 epithelial cells from murine embryonic stem cells

Mauritz C, Schmeckebier S, Menke S, Martin U (PGSSCR 2007- P-010)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p127 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-11) Characterization of signal transduction pathways in Muller Glial cells and retinal progenitor cells

Ernst W, Florian C, Langmann T, Weber BHF, Morsczeck C (PGSSCR 2007- P-011)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p128 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-12) Human dermis-derived cells demonstrate strong features of controlled mesodermal differentiation

Tiede S, Danner S , Tronnier V, Paus R, Zechel C (PGSSCR 2007- P-012)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p129 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-13) Isolation and characterization of dental follicle precursor cells (DFPCs)

Vollner F, Driemel O, Reichert TE, Morsczeck C (PGSSCR 2007- P-013)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p130 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-14) Transcriptional profiling of in vitro erythroid progenitors

Lazar-Karsten P, Dorn I, Driller B, Schlenke P (PGSSCR 2007- P-014)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p131 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-15) Steering embryonic stem cell fate towards osteoblasts with downstream non-canonical wnt targets in vitro

Taube S, zur Nieden NI (PGSSCR 2007- P-015)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p132 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-16) Analysis of STAT3-activity in embryonic stem cells and during early development of Oryzias latipes

Kraussling M, Wagner TU, Schartl M (PGSSCR 2007- P-016)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p133 [HTML] [PDF ]


( P-17) Engineering and differentiation of stem cell sheets

Semenov OV, Voros J, Zisch AH (PGSSCR 2007- P-017)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p134 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-18)In vitro induction of endothelial cell differentiation of adipose tissue derived stem cells (ADSC) and
vascularisation in dermal skin equivalents

Lorenz K, Rupf T, Bader A (PGSSCR 2007- P-018)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p135 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-19) Co-culturing of in vitro erythropoiesis with extra cellular matrix proteins

Meyer G, Lazar-Karsten P, Lindner U, Driller B, Dorn I, Schlenke P (PGSSCR 2007- P-019)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p136 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-20) Human dermis-derived cells demonstrate strong features of controlled mesodermal differentiation

Tiede S, Danner S , Tronnier V, Paus R, Zechel C (PGSSCR 2007- P-020)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p137-138 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-21) Cholinesterases and cholinergic system in embryonic stem cell regulation: data on gene expression
and functions

Paraoanu LE, Boutter J, Landgraf D, Barth M, Wessler I, Layer PG (PGSSCR 2007- P-021)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p139 [HTML] [PDF ]


( P-22)Studies on improving the embryonic stem cell test for an assessment of neuroembryotoxic effects

Miechielsen N, Merz F, Heselich A, Kunz S, Heinzel-Wieland R, Pollet D (PGSSCR 2007- P-022)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p140-141 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-23) Embryonic stem cell test for assessing embryotoxic effects in vitro

Merz F, Haus A, Kunz S, Pollet D (PGSSCR 2007- P-023)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p142-143 [HTML] [PDF ]


( P-24) Expression of parathyroid hormone receptor 1 (PTH1-Rc) in bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)

Bahar H, Benayahu D, Shefer G, Yaffe A, Binderman I (PGSSCR 2007- P-024)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p144 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-25) Engineering and differentiation of stem cell sheets

Semenov OV , Voros J , Zisch AH (PGSSCR 2007- P-025)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p145 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-26) Gene expression profiling of murine ES cell-derived endothelial cells

Mariappan D, Winkler J, Chen S, Schulz H, Hescheler J, Sachinidis A (PGSSCR 2007- P-026)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p146 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-27) Fibroblast differentiation: Relevance of the myofibroblast for tissue regeneration

Oberringer M, Jennewein M, Metzger W, Bubel M, Holstein J, Pohlemann T (PGSSCR 2007- P-027)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p147-148 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-28) Mechanichal stimulation of adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells

Diederichs S, Weyand B, Kasper C, Scheper T, van Griensven M (PGSSCR 2007- P-028)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p149-150 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-29) Comparative study on differentiation characteristics of CD34-negative and CD34-positive human
adipose tissue-derived stem cell subpopulations

Peters K, Salamon A, Elmaouhoub A, Adam S, Rychly J (PGSSCR 2007- P-029)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p151 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-30) Microarray analyses and bioinformatic evaluation of the plasticity between human mesenchymal
stem cell-derived osteoblasts and adipocytes

Schilling T, Kuffner R, Klein-Hitpass L, Zimmer R, Jakob F, Schutze N (PGSSCR 2007- P-030)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p152-153 [HTML] [PDF ]


( P-31)Ensuring defined oxygen levels in stem cell cultivation - a novel approach using DO online monitoring
in multiwell plates

Arain S, John GT, Krause C (PGSSCR 2007- P-031)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p154 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-32) Phenotypic characterization of human umbilical cord stromal cells (UCSC) and their differentiation potential

Schultz U, Low R, Thomsen A, Thoma S. (PGSSCR 2007- P-032)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p155-156 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-33) Stem cell markers of the human hair follicle- characterization of a tissue engineered reconstruct based
on plucked hairs compared to human scalp

Hartmann A, Derow E, Schuler G (PGSSCR 2007- P-033)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p157 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-34) Generation of organized Lacrimal gland cell spheroids by simulated microgravity

Schrader S, Kremling C, Klinger M, Laqua H, Geerling G (PGSSCR 2007- P-034)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p158 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-35) Amniotic membrane as a matrix for lacrimal gland tissue engineering

Geerling G, Wedel T, Kremling C, Laqua H, Schrader S (PGSSCR 2007- P-035)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p159 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-36) Umbilical cord blood-derived cells with embryonic phenotype ? a population of cells with great potential for
future clinical applications

Koestenbauer S, Vanderzwalmen P, Dohr G, Zech NH (PGSSCR 2007- P-036)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p160 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-37)Malfunction of endothelial progenitor cells and endothelial function in patients with Fabry disease

Dietrich B, Karpinski N, Jakob M, Weidemann F, Breunig F, Wanner C, Ertl G, Bauersachs J and
Thum T (PGSSCR 2007- P-037)

2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p161-162 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-38) Age-related differences in osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in vitro

Bertram H, Wang X, Richter W (PGSSCR 2007- P-038)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p163-164 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-39) Personalization by criteria of blood plasma influence on cell population: what can stem cells and their
derivatives meet with after their introduction into an organism

Kordium V, Ruban T, Sukhorada O, Gulko T, Likhacheva L, Lysenko S, Deryabina O (PGSSCR 2007- P-039)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p165-166 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-40) Impact of donor age on functional behaviour and protein expression pattern of mesenchymal stem cells

Kaper G, Mao L, Geisler S, Duda GN, Klose J (PGSSCR 2007- P-040)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p167 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-41) Nanotube diameter directs stem cell fate

Park J, Bauer S, Schmuki P, Schlegel K, Neukam F, von der Mark K (PGSSCR 2007- P-041)
2007 Vol. 2  (1): p168 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-42) What is the true hypoxic environment for bone marrow mesenchymal stromal progenitor cells?

Buravkova LB, Anokhina EB, Grinakovskaya OS (PGSSCR 2007- P-042)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p169 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-43) Molecular characterization of human immature third molars: dental stem cells and their niches.

Schoenebeck B, Hartschen HJ, Schindel M, Degistirici O, Siemonsmeier J, Goetz W, Thie M (PGSSCR 2007- P-043)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p170-171 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-44) STAT3 and BMP-receptor 1a functionally interact in different stem cell types

Wagner TU, Meierjohann S, Reiss C, Federov L, Kraeussling M, Thoma E, Kneitz B, Schartl M (PGSSCR 2007- P-044)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p172 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-45) Interactions of leukemic stem- and progenitor cells with embryonal stroma environment

Trupschuch S, Pramanik K, Henschler R, Muller AM. (PGSSCR 2007- P-045)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p173-174 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-46) Dormant cancer stem cells hibernate in the mammalian brain

Siebzehnrubl FA, Jeske I, Muller D, Buslei R, Hahnen E, Kaesbauer J, Corbeil D, Huttner HB, Appl T, von Horsten S,
Blumcke I (PGSSCR 2007- P-046)

2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p175 [HTML] [PDF ]


( P-47) Embryonic stem cells in rheumatoid arthritis

Smikodub O (PGSSCR 2007- P-047)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p176 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-48) Comparison of three dimensional scaffolds for bone engineering constructs using human jaw periosteal cells

Alexander D1, Hoffmann J1, Munz A1, Friedrich B2, Geis-Gerstorfer J3, Reinert S1 (PGSSCR 2007- P-048)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p177 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-49) Phenotypic characterization of canine bone marrow stromal cells

Lopez PCM, Machado MFC, Zamprogno H, Andrade L, Takiya CM, Balduino A, Duarte MEL (PGSSCR 2007- P-049)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p178-179 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-50)Influence of platelet rich plasma (PRP) on chondrogenic differentiation and proliferation of chondrocytes (CC)
and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)

Drengk A, Zapf A, Sturmer EK, Sturmer KM, Frosch KH (PGSSCR 2007- P-050)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):   p180-181 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-51) Strategies for regenerative mesenchymal stem cell therapies of skeletal disorders: pathways to tendon formation

Gross G, Hoffmann A, Shahab S, Gazit D, Haupl T (PGSSCR 2007- P-051)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p182 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-52) Integrational behavior of tissue engineered chondrocyte/MSC-laden hydrogel constructs in an in vitro
bovine cartilage defect model

Rackwitz L, Djouad F, Janjanin S, Tuan RS (PGSSCR 2007- P-052)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p183-184 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-53) Murine femoral defect model for evaluation of local bone regeneration approaches

Hagedorn GM, Lauer G (PGSSCR 2007- P-053)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p185 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-54) Isolation and characterization of multilineage progenitor cells from the anterior cruciate ligament

Steinert AF, Heymer A, Barthel T, Noth U, Evans CH, Murray MM (PGSSCR 2007- P-054)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p186-187 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-55) Adult multilineage mesenchymal progenitor cells isolated from the bursa subacromialis

Steinert AF, Heymer A, Kunz M, Jakob F, Noth U, Gohlke F (PGSSCR 2007- P-055)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p188-189 [HTML] [PDF ]

(P-56) Cell-based therapy of fatty degeneration after rotator cuff tears

Wilms A, Weber M, Haddad D, Heymer A, Basse-Lusebrink T, Steinert A,Jakob P, Noth U, Gohlke F,
Rolf O (PGSSCR 2007- P-056)

2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p190-191 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-57) Iron oxide labeling of human mesenchymal stem cells in collagen type I hydrogels for cellular MR imaging

Heymer A, Haddad D, Weber M, Jakob P, Noth U (PGSSCR 2007- P-057)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p192-193 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-58) The stability of cartilage phenotype in human bone marrow stromal cells and chondrocytes

Sonius P, De Cocq van Delwijnen WS, Koevoet JLM, Weinans H, Van Osch GJ. (PGSSCR 2007- P-058)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p194-195 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-59) Embryonic stem cells in ALS

Smikodub O (PGSSCR 2007- P-059)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p196 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-60) Embryonic stem cells in multiple sclerosis

Smikodub O (PGSSCR 2007- P-060)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p197 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-61) Influence of growth factors, neurotrophic factors and proteins of the extracellular matrix on
expansion and differentiation of adult neural stem cells

Zechel C, Moeckel S, Stoerchel P, Pawlak E, Tronnier V (PGSSCR 2007- P-061)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p198-199 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-62)Neural differentiation of human dental follicle precursor cells

Vollner F, Driemel O, Reichert TE, Weber BHF, Morsczeck C (PGSSCR 2007- P-062)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):   p200 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-63) Embryonic stem cells in metabolic syndrome

Smikodub O (PGSSCR 2007- P-063)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p201 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-64) MR based Detection of Microcapsules for Cell Therapies and Theranostics

Krieg Robert W, Requardt M, Ruff J, Aravind A, Bulte Jeff WM (PGSSCR 2007- P-064)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p202 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-65) Telomerase-immortalized human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCTERT) can be directed towards
an endocrine differentiation pathway with insulin production

Limbert C, Path G, Ebert R , Kassem M, Jakob F,Seufert J (PGSSCR 2007- P-065)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p203 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-66) Stem cell chemoattractant gene expression was upregulated by intramyocardial injection of
Epoetin-α in a rat myocardial infarction model

Klopsch C, Furlani D, Gabel R, Wagner K, Wang W, Ong LL, Li W, Nizze H, Titze U, Ma N, Steinhoff G
(PGSSCR 2007- P-066)

2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p204 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-67) Stem cell transplantation and cardiac regeneration after myocardial infarction in SCID mice:
Human MAPCs are effective and safe

Groebner M, Deindl L, Dimomeletis I, Zaruba MM, Kostin S, Deutsch MA, Assmann G, X, Mueller-Hocker J,
Feuring-Buske M, Franz WM (PGSSCR 2007- P-067)

2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p205-206 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-68) Recent patents on stem cell transplantation in cardiovascular medicine

Jakob M, Bauersachs J, Thum T (PGSSCR 2007- P-068)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p207-208 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-69) Characterization of an endothelial progenitor like cell in cardiomyocyte cultures

Weeke-Klimp AH, Plantinga JA, Harmsen MC, Van Luyn MJA (PGSSCR 2007- P-069)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p209 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-70) Strategies to induce cardiac differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Armbruster C, Tevaearai H, Kleber A, Carrel T, Giraud MN (PGSSCR 2007- P-070)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p210-211 [HTML] [PDF ]


( P-71) Combined treatment of intractable ischemic heart disease with TML and endothelial progenitor
cells-preliminary results of a therapeutic concept

Babin-Ebell J, Sievers H, Depping, Marxsen J, Jung F, Wagner K (PGSSCR 2007- P-071)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p212 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-72) EPO treatment after myocardial infarction in mice improves cardiac function by enhanced homing of
bone marrow-derived cells

Brunner S, Winogradow J, Huber B, Fischer R, Assmann G, Muller-Hocker J, Franz WM (PGSSCR 2007- P-072)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p213-124 [HTML] [PDF ]


( P-73) Stem cell markers in thoracic aortic aneurysm

Mohamed SA (PGSSCR 2007- P-073)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p215 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-74) SC1/PRDM4 is a critical mediator for cell death, mitosis and differentiation of neural stem cells

Orel N, Sendtner M (PGSSCR 2007- P-074)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p216-217 [HTML] [PDF ]


(P-75) Stem cell regulation and lineage commitment in mammalian skin:
A role for the Wnt/β-catenin signalling pathway

Petersson M, Schettina P, Niemann C (PGSSCR 2007- P-075)
2007 Vol. 2  (1):  p218 [HTML] [PDF ]



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