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A Special Issue on 5th Annual Meeting of GSZ.
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1. Editorial

Stem Cell Therapy; Balanced Approach - the Need of the Hour
2006 Vol. 1  (1): p1 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010100001


2. Review Articles

Stem Cells in Hepatobiliary Diseases

Aejaz HM, Khan AA, Parveen N, Baskar S, Mahaboob V, Khaja MN, Lakshmi NM, Habibullah CM
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p2-7 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010200002

New Era in Health Care: Tissue Engineering

Parveen S, Krishnakumar K, Sahoo SK
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p8-24 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010200003


Stem Cells in Hemato-Oncology

Damodar S
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p25-30 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010200004


5. Opinion


Immunotoxins: A Review of Their Use in Cancer Treatment

Aruna G
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p31-36 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010500005


Potentials of Stem Cell Research and the Implications of Legislation

Mahalakshmi S
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p37-39 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010500006


7. Proceedings of the Annual Symposium on Regenerative Medicine(PASRM)


Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy (AIET) for a case of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) - Our experience

Damodar S, Terunuma H, Sheriff AK, Farzana L, Manjunath S, Senthilkumar R, Shastikumar G, Abraham S (PASRM 2006-001)
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p40-41 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010700007


Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy for an Ischemic Ulcer of the Lower Limb in a Diabetic Patient  (Article contributing to the cover image)

Subrammaniyan SR, Rajkumar M, Amalorpavanathan J, Shankar R, Farzana L, Manjunath S, Senthil RS, Sheriff AK, Dominic J and Abraham S (PASRM 2006-002)
2006 Vol. 1  (1): p42-43 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010700008


A Rabbit Model of Ex Vivo Cultivation and Transplantation of Autologous Limbal Epithelial Cells Grown in a Thermo-reversible Gelation Polymer (Mebiol Gel)

Sitalakshmi G, Sudha B, Vinay S, Madhavan HN, Krishnakumar S, Mori Y, Yoshioka H, Abraham S (PASRM 2006-003)
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p44-45 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010700009


Towards cell therapeutics for Bullous Keratopathy using corneal endothelial precursor cells; Successful in vitro expansion after transportation in Indian conditions and characterization

Nelson J, John S, Philip T, Kaliyamurthy J, Farzana L, Manjunath S, Sheriff AK, Abraham S, Yoshioka H , Mori Y, Amano S (PASRM 2006-004)
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p46-47 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010700010


Potential of Regenerative Medicine in Articular Cartilage Injury

Arumugam S (PASRM 2006-005)
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p48-49 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010700011


Treatments of Liver Failure in Japan

Fujii H, Matsuda M (PASRM 2006-006)
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p50 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010700012


Burden of Acute Liver Failure in India and Treatment Options

Jayanthi V (PASRM 2006-007)
2006 Vol. 1  (1): p51-54 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010700013


Cell Therapeutics for Acute Liver Failure Using Foetal Hepatic Progenitors; In Vitro Expansion and In Vivo Implantation in Animal Models

Dedeepiya V, Baskar S, Parveen N, Khan AA, Habibullah CM, Yoshioka H, Mori Y, Abraham S (PASRM 2006-008)
2006 Vol. 1  (1):  p55-56 [HTML] [PDF]

JSRM Code: 001010700014



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