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Vol. XV  Issue: 2


Clinical trial in a dish; A rewarding step towards translation & perspectives on its limitations
2019 Vol. 15 (2): p16-17. doi:10.46582/jsrm.1502005[Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML]
JSRM Code: 015020100005
| PMCID: PMC6971382

Original Article

The effects of mumie extract on cell proliferation and enzyme expression of human osteoblast-like cells (MG63)
Abbasi N, Azizpour Y, Azizi M, Karimi E, Aidy A, Asadollahi K
9 Vol. 15 (2): p18-23. doi:10.46582/jsrm.1502006
[Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML]JSRM Code: 015020300006 | PMCID: PMC6971378

Evaluation of chemotherapy with nanosomal paclitaxel and gene therapy expressing apoptosis-inducing proteins in the management of spontaneous canine mammary neoplasm
Divya M, Maiti S K, Sangeetha P, Shivaraju S, Kumar N, Tiwari A K, Hescheler J
9 Vol. 15 (2): p24-34. doi:10.46582/jsrm.1502007
[Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML]JSRM Code: 015020300007 | PMCID: PMC6971383

Heterogeneity of Cells Population and Secretome Profile of Differentiated Cells from E17 Rat Neural Progenitor Cells (Article contributing to the cover image)
Budiariati V, Rinendyaputri R, Noviantari A, Budiono D, Fahrudin M, Juliandi B, Boediono A
2019 Vol. 15 (2): p35-44. doi:10.46582/jsrm.1502008
[Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML]JSRM Code: 015020300008 | PMCID: PMC6971381

Increased mesodermal and mesendodermal populations by BMP4 treatment facilitates human iPSC line differentiation into a cardiac lineage
Kimura M, Furukawa H, Shoji M, Shinozawa T
2019 Vol. 15 (2): p45-51. doi:10.46582/jsrm.1502009
[Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML][Supplementary information]JSRM Code: 015020300009 | PMCID: PMC6971377

Proceedings of the Annual Plenary Session on Regenerative Medicine (PAPRM)-2019

Platelets using iPS cell technology; large scale manufacturing
Eto K
9 Vol. 19 (2): p52. doi:10.46582/jsrm.1502010
[Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML]JSRM Code: 015020700010 | PMCID: PMC6971380

Proceedings of the Just Beyond Medicine (JBM) Oration-2019

Stem cells for regenerative medicine and anti-aging
Hescheler J
9 Vol. 19 (2): p53. doi:10.46582/jsrm.1502011
[Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML]JSRM Code: 015020700011 | PMCID: PMC6971379


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