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Vol. XIII  Issue: 1


'Cells as tools' to 'Cell-s produced tools' - An evolving paradigm in Regenerative Medicine
2017 Vol. 13 (1): p1-2 [Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML]
JSRM Code: 013010100001

Review Article

The Adaptability of Somatic Stem Cells: A Review
Tweedell KS
2017 Vol. 13 (1): p3-13
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Original Article

Safety and Feasibility of Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation in Chronic Stroke in Indian patients. A four year follow up
Bhasin A, Kumaran SS, Bhatia R, Mohanty S, Srivastava MVP
2017 Vol. 13 (1): p14-19

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Mouse iPSC generated with porcine reprogramming factors as a model for studying the effects of non-silenced heterologous transgenes on pluripotency
Petkov SG, Glage S, Niemann H
2017 Vol. 13 (1): p20-28
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JSRM Code: 013010300004

Brief Communication

Comparative study of the methods of extracting mesenchymal stem cells from cryopreserved Wharton's Jelly
Boey PYK, Lim DSL, Tang KF, Li MM, Ekaputra AK, Chowdhury PK, Mukherjee RAG, Teo J, Faundo AC, Chiew YF
2017 Vol. 13 (1): p29-32
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