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Proceedings of the Inter Disciplinary Conclave (IDC)-2020

Stress Management: COVID-19 Psychological and Spiritual Context
Xavier FP1

Author Names in full:Francis P Xavier

11Loyola College, Chennai, India


Citation: Xavier FP. Stress Management: COVID-19 Psychological and Spiritual Context. Inter Disciplinary Conclave (IDC)-2020; J Stem Cells Regen Med 2020; Dec;16(2):92.doi:10.46582/jsrm.1602014

Any crisis (personal or collective) brings along an in-built stress. It cripples people from living a normal life; sometimes it leads people to the extreme condition of permanent damage. The COVID-19 situation has brought in unexpected misery – victimizing millions of people. It has been an equalizer as both the rich and the poor have been affected; both the affluent and the developing countries have become a prey to the pandemic. For nearly one year the world is wondering which way to turn for comfort or solution, as the fear of the second and third waves looms over. Science has not given the timely preventive medication; world leaders are not able to lead the people with effective insight; financial system is on the brink of collapse; and even the faith of people seems to become a question mark. But any problem should have a solution, with often multiple aspects of solutions. Apart from medicine, one could become strengthened to face the situation. Starting with the analysis of the cause and the effect of Coronavirus Pandemic, this talk explores the intellectual and emotional aspects of the situation with the focus on the psychological and spiritual solutions to face the crisis; how to get reconciled with the reality; and how to thrive in his situation. The ultimate goal is to come out of the crisis with a spirit of creativity. If the pandemic is a period of cocoon, the butterfly-joy would be the hope to come out soon. And we need to stay energized to realize the fullness of life with peace of the mind, health of the body, and joy of the heart. Practical suggestions are put forward to face, encounter, and overcome the situation.

This lecture was delivered in the Inter Disciplinary Conclave (IDC) of NCRM NICHE 2020. NCRM NICHE ( is a day of commemorative events to celebrate the inaugural Anniversary of Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM), conducted every year since 2006 in the month of October. NCRM NICHE provides a platform that augments the interaction of scientists and clinicians. It enables them to exchange ideas in order to arrive at synergies while working towards a common goal of discovering clinically applicable solutions for diseases without a definitive treatment to yield relief to numerous patients. Conducted in India till 2016, it has been conducted in Japan from 2017 onwards. NCRM NICHE has two components: 1. Active Knowledge Gaining (AKG) events which refer to any knowledge gaining activity in which the participant plays an active role before and during the event instead of being a passive listener to a lecture by a speaker or a conversation among third parties. AKG events of NCRM NICHE include a. Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ); and b. Inter Disciplinary Conclave (IDC); 2. Passive Knowledge Gaining (PKG) events which refer to an event, where there is no mandatory preparation by the participants before the event. During the event, they have to merely be a passive listener to others either delivering a lecture or interacting among third parties. PKG events of NCRM NICHE include Lectures & Orations. NCRM NICHE 2020 was conducted as a Virtual event on the 18th of October, 2020.