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Role of autophagy in regulation of glioma stem cells population during therapeutic stress
Abbas S1#, Singh SK2#, Saxena AK2, Tiwari S1, Sharma LK1, Tiwari M2

Author Names in full: Sabiya Abbas1#, Suraj Kumar Singh2#, Ajit Kumar Saxena2, Swasti Tiwari1, Lokendra Kumar Sharma1, Meenakshi Tiwari2

11Department of Molecular Medicine & Biotechnology, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences-Lucknow, (U.P.) India; 2Department of Pathology/Lab Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Patna, Bihar, India

#These authors contributed equally

Supplementary Information

List of Antibodies used in the study with catalogue number



Beclin-1 rabbit mAB

#3495 (CST)

LC3A/B rabbit mAB

#12741 (CST)

ATG5 rabbit mAB

#12994 (CST)

ATG7 rabbit mAB

#8558 (CST)

ATG3 rabbit mAB

#3415 (CST)

OCT-4 rabbit mAB

#2840 (CST)

SOX-2 rabbit mAB

#3579 (CST)

Nanog rabbit mAB

#4903 (CST)

HSP-90 rabbit mAB

C45G5 (CST)

HIF-2α rabbit mAB

D9E3 (CST)

LC3A/B rabbit mAB


P62/SQSTM1 rabbit pAB

GTX100685 ( GeneTex, Inc )

Β-3Tubulin rabbit mAB

#5568 (CST)

CD15 Mouse mAB

#4744 (CST)

CD133 rabbit mAB

#64326 (CST)

GAPDH rabbit mAB

#8884 (CST)

ATG12 rabbit pAB

GTX629815) | GeneTex

Anti-mouse IgG (H+L) alexa flour 488 conjugate

#4498 (CST)

mAB, Monoclonal Antibody
CST: Cell Signalling Technology