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JSRM Vol 1. Issue 1
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Inaugural Issue; Vol.1  Issue: 1: Editorial: (JSRM code: 001011000001)

Stem Cell Therapy; Balanced Approach - the Need of the Hour.


Dear friends,

It gives us immense pleasure to interact with you through JSRM – a free online journal of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. With the advent of internet, communication and sharing of information have become a lot easier and no wonder we decided to make use of this for propagation of the evolving science of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine.

During the discussion on various developments in recent healthcare practices among our editorial board members, it was agreed that, Biomedical Engineering, has significantly contributed towards, healthcare development. It has resulted in development of advanced imaging modalities such as Echo, CT, MRI and interventional devices, which have made therapy simpler and non-invasive in many medical specialties. This has been due to the underlying interaction between clinicians and engineers.


We also agreed that the next major boon to the healthcare system will be from Cell therapeutics arising from a ceaseless and barrier free interaction between clinicians, cell biologists, cell culture & tissue engineering specialists and scientists in allied specialties.


The first and foremost aim of the JSRM is to give the students and young researchers working on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, from both basic science and clinical arena, an awareness of the importance of publishing, to equip themselves with the skills for the same and to have a thorough knowledge of each otherfs specialty.


As we are all working towards taking the benefits of the stem cells research from bench to the bed-side, we should have a balanced approach considering both Ethics and ailing patients without definitive & timely therapy. This reminds us of a conversation we had with a patient who approached us for stem cell therapy and as we explained to him about the ethics approval and other formalities that have to be sought before treating him, he simply said gDoc, progress of my disease is not going to wait for those approvalsh. Good therapy is worthless if it fails to reach the patient in time.


Letfs keep doing our best to see that ailing fellow human beings could benefit from our research for which if this journal could be of some help, we will be glad. Looking forward to all your support in any and every way to JSRM.


Yours sincerely,

The Editorial team.

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