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The Journal of Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine (JSRM) is a fully free access exclusive Online Journal covering areas of  Basic Research, Translational work and Clinical studies in the specialty of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine including allied specialities such as Biomaterials and Nano technology relevant to the core subject. This has also been endorsed by the German Society for Stem Cell Research(GSZ).

The JSRM issues are published regularly and articles pertaining to Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine as well as related fields of research are considered for publication

This Online Journal conceived and run by Clinicians and Scientists, originally started for the student community with reputed members in the advisory/editorial boards, has now been accepted to be the official organ of GSZ is reaching millions of Researchers, Clinicians and Students all over the world, as it is a FREE Journal

Current activities of JSRM

1. Journal issues: will be published online and to subscribers (FREE) extracts will be sent by email
2. Weekly updates on happenings in the Stem Cell World with email updates to subscribers.

German Society for Stem Cell Research to Support the JSRM.

Decision taken in the General Body of GSZ on the 3rd Nov 2006, Cologne, Germany.

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