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A Single-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee with Active Control
Ruane JJ, Ross A, Zigmont V, McClure D, Gascon G
JSRM Code: 016010300005EPA210420
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Neuregulin-1, in a Conducive Milieu with Wnt/BMP/Retinoic Acid, Prolongs the Epicardial-Mediated Cardiac Regeneration Capacity of Neonatal Heart Explants
Arora H, Lavin AC, Balkan W, Hare JM, White IA
JSRM Code: 016010300010EPA121120

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Osteogenic differentiation potential and quantification of fresh and cryopreserved dental follicular stem cells-an in vitro analysis
AlHindi M, Philip MR
JSRM Code: 017010300002EPA250221
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Effects of Eugenol on Memory Performance, Neurogenesis, and Dendritic Complexity of Neurons in Mice Analyzed by Behavioral Tests and Golgi Staining of Brain Tissue
Akbar L, Juliandi B, Boediono A, Batubara I, Subangkit M.
JSRM Code: 017010300001EPA050121
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