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JSRM Article coding protocol

Each article published in JSRM will have a 12 digit unique code

1. First three digits denote the Volume number; Each year one volume will be pubslished with several issues

2. Fourth & fifth digits denote the issue number.

3. Sixth & seventh digits denote the kind of article:

(01)= Editorial, (02) Review Article, (03) Original Article, (04) Brief Communication ,
(05) Opinion, (06) Letters to the editor, (07) Proceedings of a meeting (Eg. abstracts) (08) Others (Book Review and Miscellaneous)

4. For regular issues the last five digits will run as serial numbers continuously irrespective of Volume or Issue.

5. For E-pub ahead (EPA) of regular issue, in addition to the above mentioned digits, there will be letters mentioning that it is EPA and extra digits mentioning the date of EPA.