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This ONLINE Journal, conceived and run by clinicians and scientists, originally started for the student community with reputed members in the advisory/editorial boards reaches millions of researchers and students all over the world, as it is an Open access Journal. 

The bi-monthly JSRM newsletter is sent to around 2000 subscribers regularly apart from approximately 4500 researchers, scholars, students who access the newsletter in the website of JSRM.

The advertisers therefore are assured a vast reach to the target audience for their relevant products & services covering the budding scientists’ community. Being an Open Access journal this also attracts a large number of the members of the public who are eager to know about the developments in this evolving specialty of regenerative medicine.

There are different kinds of advertising/sponsorship options in the JSRM Website and in the JSRM Newsletter.

For the pricing and other details of the various advertisement/sponsorship categories Click here

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Advertisement in the Bi-Monthly News Bulletin ( Click here to view the sample)

Online Journal Advertisements

1. General (advertisement in all common pages) Click here to view the sample (yearly) 
General advertisement category will have TWO banner spaces (468 x 60 pixels) and TWELVE box spaces (145 x 70 pixels). The same advertisements of the general category will also appear in each issue in the alloted space shown in the layout sample.

2. Each Issue (advertisement in issue pages) Click here to view the sample (life time) 
Each-issue will have ONE banner space (468 x 60 pixels) and FOUR Box spaces (145 x 70 pixels). These will remain for life.

Job Recruitment Advertisements

The Job Recruitment Advertisements will be placed in a box on the left side of  the index page of the journal website  under the title of Career / Jobs (  A short description of the job will be placed there (For eg., and a link will be given to a detailed description of the job in a separate webpage (For eg.,  All the recruitment ads placed in JSRM website will appear in the following web page also, .  

Please note that the above mentioned web pages are representative and the actual contents may vary according to the advertiser’s requirements.

Each job recruitment advertisement is valid till the deadline mentioned by the advertiser or for three months from the date of placement whichever is appropriate.  The advertiser can either mention their job application deadline or choose any period of continuous three months.

The pricing and other details of advertisement can be found at (Category 4A & 4B)

Once you decide upon the type of advertisement/sponsorship you can contact us at after which we will send the further details on the specifications of the advertisement.

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