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Bone Marrow derived Osteoblasts in the Management of Ovariectomy induced Osteoporosis in Rats
Sadat-Ali M, Al-Turki HA, Acharya S3, Al-Dakheel DA
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Intra-arterial Transplantation of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Mononuclear Cells in Sub-acute Ischemic Stroke Increases VEGF Expression in Rats
Ramli Y, Alwahdy AS, Kurniawan M, Juliandi B, Wuyung PE
[Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML]JSRM Code: 014020300001EPA110618

Mitochondrial distribution violation and nuclear indentations in neurons differentiated from iPSCs of Huntington's disease patients
Nekrasov ED,Kiselev SL
[Full Text PDF ] | [Full Text HTML]JSRM Code: 014020300003EPA240718